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Keeping Two Browser Windows Open

This is such a simple trick that you will never forget it once you learn it.

(I assume you are using Internet Explorer under Microsoft Windows. You can open multiple windows in any browser, though the commands will be slightly different).

1. Click on the Internet Explorer File menu at the top of the browser. This will display a list of File commands like 'New', 'Open', etc.

2. Highlight the "New" command by dragging your mouse to it. This will reveal another set of commands to its right ('Window', 'Message', 'Post', etc).

3. Drag the mouse to the "Window" command and click on it.

4. You're done. This will open an Internet Browser window containing exactly the same content as the first window you started with.

You can move, resize or otherwise use either of these two browser windows as you wish. Once cloned, they behave entirely independently of each other.

Treat these extra windows as temporary reference points, bookmarks ... as ways to better orient yourself as you browse the Internet.

I like to use one browser window to link to (that is, load) a Web site while I spend time reading text already opened in another window.

As you have probably guessed, you can open more than two browser windows. Open four. Ten. A hundred. Blow Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows into the next galaxy. Woohoo!

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