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What Is An Installer?

An installer is a small program that helps guide us through the setup of the application that we are starting up for the first time.

(If we are getting our software from the Internet, we will need to download the Installer before we run it. Otherwise, the Installer will run from the same CD on which the application software has been supplied).

In years past, we poor souls were abused by dozens of different kinds of installer programs. Today, installer programs work the same way for all software installations. Well, mostly.

The Installer will ask you where you want the software in question to be stored on your computer, will unpack, organize and distribute the needed programs and files to the location, notify you that the software has been installed successfully and - usually - ask you whether you want to run it right now or wait until later.

If the Installer doesn't have enough room on your computer to install the needed files, it will complain and ask you to cancel the installation. After you have created space by deleting other programs on your computer - or by buying a new disk drive - you can try again.

Sometimes, an Installer needs files from Microsoft Windows or other sources that it can't find on your computer. Rotsa ruck if this is your problem. Happily, Radio doesn't need other stuff.

Sometimes (this isn't the case with Radio either), you will need to restart your machine after the software is installed so that important settings are 'registered' with the computer on a first-time only basis.

If you want to scrub Radio from your machine, Radio offers a standard way to uninstall itself. Simply select Programs->UserLand->Radio UserLand Uninstaller from the Windows Start Menu and click 'Yes' when asked whether you want to continue. Sniff. Sniff.

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