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What Is the Community Server?

Userland owns and manages the Community Server as a service to the subscribed users of Radio - as well as those experimenting with a 30-day trial subscription.

The Community Server gives us a convenient way to publish the material in our local version of Radio to the Internet for free. Pretty cool. Very cool, as a matter of fact.

(Of course, we can use our own machine as a hosting server, publish our weblogs to another external source or use the Community Server. Or, we can broadcast more than one weblog to multiple external sites by taking advantage of 'categories'. I won't cover multiple weblogs or categories here.)

Basically, the Community Server process works like this:

1. You enter-or-edit a post into the text entry window of your version of Radio. When you are done, you either post it, publish it or post-and-publish it - again to your local version of Radio.

(The post-and-publish action is turned on automatically when you first install Radio but you can modify this in the Prefs section of your weblog - look for 'Three buttons or one' in 'Weblogs' under 'Prefs'. You get to the Prefs from the Radio Menu.).

2. If 'upstreaming' is turned on (upstreaming is turned 'on' automatically unless you choose to turn it off), your post will be broadcast from your local desktop version of Radio to the Community Server - based on the time interval defined by the upstreaming preference.

You don't have to do anything special to make this happen - just complete step 1. above.

(If you want to experiment with upstreaming, look for 'Upstreaming' in Prefs under 'Basic Preferences'. By default, upstreaming takes place automatically every 10 seconds).

3. When the Community Server receives any post, it also receives the user number associated with that post. So, the Community Server 'knows' that your post belongs to you - not to me - and publishes the post to your weblog on the Community Server.

If you don't see your post there, it could be that your upstream setting is set for a long enough interval that the Community Server hasn't received your latest post quite yet.

Possibly, your local Internet Service Provider, acting as a middleman, has received the post but hasn't yet passed it along to the Community Server. They will send it along but I can't tell you exactly how long it might take. Ask them what the deal is by contacting their technical support staff.

Hold on! You may be asking yourself, What the heck is my URL on the Community Server?

4. Once your post has been broadcast to the Community Server, anyone (everyone!) on the Internet who knows the URL for your weblog can find your post and everything else on your weblog at that location.

Remember: other users are viewing and browsing your weblog on the Community Server, not on your local version of Radio.

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