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What Is the URL for My Weblog?

You will have two different URLs to manage when you first install Radio.

(A URL is that thing you see in the "Address" line at the top of Internet Explorer. Other browsers have a similar concept. URLs begin with "http:// ... " and go from there.)

These two URLs correspond, in turn, to your local version of Radio and the copy of your weblog that is published to the Community Server.

1. Your personal desktop version of Radio on your own machine will have the URL

2. Your weblog copy on the Community Server will have the URL where 'yourUserNumber' will be your actual usernumber (for instance, 1001329).

Your friends, family and admirers will not be able to get to your weblog if you give them the first URL. While your local version works within a browser and looks the same as the one on the Community Server, it is private to you.

They will be able to find your weblog by entering the URL as explained above.

(While you can open your local copy on your own machine by entering the local URL within the Address line of Internet Explorer - - you don't have to do that to get to your desktop weblog.

When you open the Radio application, it automatically opens Internet Explorer - if it isn't already open - and launches that URL for you. However, you must have Radio open for the URL to work. If you try to enter the URL into Internet Explorer but Radio isn't open, Internet Explorer will complain).

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