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How To Turn Upstreaming On Or Off

Upstreaming is one of the largest topics requiring mastery by Radio users. While Userland has hidden a great deal of network complexity behind upstreaming, you can't make things simpler than they really are.

To turn upstreaming on-or-off from the Radio icon in your Windows status bar:

1. Make sure Radio itself is open.

2. Go to Prefs from the Radio Menu.

3. Go to Upstreaming from the Basic Preferences section.

4. Check or uncheck the box to turn upstreaming on or off.

Note that you can also specify how often Radio should check for new files. For most of us, 10 seconds can be scaled back considerably - to 30 seconds, 60 seconds or more.

If you are having performance problems, check the box that requests upstreaming only after you have actually posted to your weblog.

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