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How To Manage Your Home Page

Before you can manage your local home page, you need to understand how it is similar to but different than your published home page.

Your local home page includes everything you will see on the published page (that is, your home page after it has been upstreamed to either the Community Server or another server that you have designated) ... and more. I display a partial sample of my local home page below:

Specifically, your local home page includes ....

.... The Radio menus at the top of your page.

.... A text-editing area for creating or editing your weblog posts.

.... The categories defined for your weblog.

.... A list of weblog posts that you have already created. (Of course, you won't see any posts when you first install Radio).

.... A calendar.

.... Various support links.

When you install Radio, you will also see a "home" navigator link in a panel to the left. If you have navigated elsewhere in your local weblog, you can always return to your local home page by clicking the home link.

To learn how to manage your home page, follow the link(s) above.

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