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What Is The Radio Command Menu?

This topic introduces but does not cover the Radio Menu and its items or other submenus in depth.

The Radio Menu is displayed at the top of each of your local weblog pages. The screen capture below may look somewhat different visually on your machine depending on the theme you have chosen:

(The command is never displayed in your public, upstreamed weblog. You wouldn't want your readers to see this menu on the Internet, let alone be able to access it).

The leftmost label identifies your current version of Radio - say, Radio 8.0.7. Here follows a brief description of the Radio Menu submenus. You can usually receive additional information or help anywhere in your Radio weblog environment by clicking on the orange 'question mark' icon.

News - The News Aggregator lists any weblogs to which you are subscribed and the most recent news items that were posted to those weblogs. You can also reach this page by clicking the News Aggregator link in the status center section to the right of your weblog home page.

Stories - This page enables you to create or edit longer, more permanent articles than you will typically enter in your weblog posts. Consult What Is The Difference Between Posts and Stories? for more help on the concepts involved.

Shortcuts - This page allows you to associate texts, links or other content types with a Shortcut name. When you enter the Shortcut name into your weblog, Radio substitutes the associated content in place of that name within the weblog post or story.

Folder - This lists the items Radio stores in your local www folder. You can inspect or browse through this folder by clicking on folder icons to reveal their contents. Use the "back" button in your browser to return to a previous folder page. See How To Open Your WWW Folder for more information.

Events - This item logs behind-the-scenes activities that your local Radio web server conducts to service your weblog or carry out your commands. If you wonder whether or not posts have been upstreamed (to take just one instance), this is the place to look.

Themes - While advanced Radio users construct their own designs, this page allows you to choose a prebuilt theme that will define the look-and-feel of your weblog.

Tools - Userland developers and third-party developers may create and offer tools for you to download and use within your weblog. This is where the tools are categorized and managed.

Prefs - The preferences submenu contains numerous pages of options. You will rely on this as the hub that allows you to customize your weblog.

Help - The Help system offers a range of topics to help you understand Radio.

(Much more to come as I document each of the submenus themselves ...)

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