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Deleting Stories

Deleting your weblog posts is easy. Click the checkbox next to the post in your local weblog home page, scroll down and click "delete". Done.

Stories are handled differently, since they "live" in the stories folder of your www folder.

To delete a story:

1. Open your www folder.

2. Browse your Stories folder in the www folder until you find the story you want to delete.

(For instance, open the Stories folder, open the 2002 folder, open the month your story was posted in such as '03', open the day your story was posted in such as '12').

3. Your stories are stored as HTML text files within the appropriate Stories sub-folder. The title of the file will match the title you assigned to it when you created it. Select the story and cut or delete it to your Windows Recycle Bin.

4. Done.

(To check, go to the "Stories" item in your Radio Menu. The story will no longer appear in the index of stories. At your next upstream event, the story will also be deleted from your publicly published weblog. If you have created any links to the deleted story, you must delete them where they appear in your weblog or they will now point into outer space).

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