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How To Organize Your Weblog Posts

This isn't a great title but I'm a bit stumped. This topic focuses only on handling your weblog posts as they appear on the local home page. As you become more comfortable with Radio, you will discover other ways to organize your posts.

How Many Posts To Show?

By default when you install Radio, it will display your most recent 10 posts on the home page. The posts displayed may spill over more than one calendar day.

You can reset the number of posts for display in Radio Prefs:

1. Go to the Prefs item in the Radio Menu at the top of your working page.

2. Select 'Previous Posts' from the Weblog section.

3. Enter the number of posts you want displayed on your home page.

4. Click 'Submit'.

How To Work With Your Posts

There are four ways that displayed posts are structured on your home page.

... A checkbox to the left. Activate the checkbox by clicking if you want to delete a weblog post entirely from your weblog. You may select more than one post at a time. Then, scroll to the bottom of the list of posts and click 'Delete'.

(Local weblog posts will be deleted immediately. Posts on your published site will be deleted the next time your weblog upstreams to the public location).

... The text of the post. You can read the entire post here but you cannot edit it directly within the list of weblog posts.

... The date or time the weblog was first created. When you first create a weblog post, this lists the actual time of day it was created - after all, by definition it was created 'today' and doesn't need a date. Beginning on the following day, this lists the calendar date the post was created.

(Note that this date will remain the same even if you edit a weblog post a week or a month after it was first created. This is essential because Radio automatically creates URLs for the post based on the calendar date. If that date is changed, the URLs would change, wreaking havoc with its Internet links).

... An edit button. Select the edit button to modify a specific weblog post. This will load the selected post into the main text edit area. Simply add, edit or otherwise change the post just as you would if you were first creating it. When you are done, select 'post' or 'post and publish' (depending on the text editing preference that was set in the text entry area). The freshly edited post will appear below in its same position within the weblog list. At the next upstream event, it will be published from your local weblog to your public site.

Don't Forget The Calendar

If you want to work with a post that doesn't appear in the weblog list, find it by clicking on the date in the calendar on your home page when it was first created.

(If you don't know the exact date, experiment by browsing through the calendar entries).

Once the desired post is displayed in a weblog list, work with it as described in the section above.

To return to the current list of weblog posts, select 'Home' from the Radio Menu at the top of your home page.

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