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Grabbing Graphics From The Internet

Modern Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera) make it easy to select graphics on the Web and copy-paste them to your own computer. (As usual, I focus on Internet Explorer here for simplicity due to its commanding market position).

While some overbearing content providers make threatening noises about 'borrowing' their graphics, doing so remains legal though the legalities are somewhat murky. Generally, the Internet has favored a 'live and let live' policy towards much of its content. .

Since this page is just like any other public Web page, go ahead and copy-paste the supplied Radio shortcut icon button as per my instructions:


To do this in Internet Explorer:

1. Right-click your mouse on the graphic above.

2. Choose 'save picture as'.

3. Save it to the suggested default location or to a location of your choosing. Make sure you know where that location is on your computer, so you can cut-and-paste it to your Radio www folder as described below.

That's it. You're on your way.

A final word about integrity - while the Web is still a reasonably open medium, be sure you honor the intellectual property rights of others and especially those creating orginal artistic or photographic content on the Internet. Creative professionals will often give permission to use their work if asked. Use your common sense and you will do fine.

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