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Copy and Paste Graphics Into Your Weblog

If you are using a modern version of Internet Explorer, you can copy and paste your graphical files conveniently into the WYSIWYG or Source view of your text entry area.

1. Save a graphical file into one of the folders or subfolders of your local WWW folder. (Do this in the same way you would save any Microsoft Windows file).

2. Inspect your www folder's contents by choosing 'Folder' from the Radio Menu.

3. Open the graphical file in Internet Explorer after you have located it within the www folder by clicking on the globe link that appears next to its description (example below):

Important Note: If you don't click on the little globe icon but rather on the text link (e.g., radioHelpIcon.png), Radio will display the graphic from your local www folder rather than your external web site. You NEVER want to copy and paste a graphic from your local www folder.

If you do, your weblog will look okay to you - that is, the graphic will be displayed in your weblog - but those coming to your weblog in its public location won't see the graphic. Remember, essentially you are copying a link to the graphic. If you want to check the source of a graphic in your public weblog, click on the graphic with the right button of your mouse. Then click 'properties' with the left button. Take a look at the information displayed in a properties box for the screen capture above:


The 'address' field shows that I did indeed copy this from my public weblog which is located at

In the case shown, clicking on the globe icon will display a copy of Radio's Help icon in Internet Explorer.


4. Right-click the graphic in Internet Explorer with your mouse and choose 'Copy' from the menu that displays. This places the file in your system's clipboard.

5. Return to the text entry area of your local weblog home page. Right-click at the spot in the text entry area where you want the graphic to be placed. Select 'Paste'. The graphic will be inserted as shown below.

Did you notice that I inserted the Help Icon directly into my text above? You can also left, center or right-justify a graphic just as you can with any other textual elements:

(I reinserted the graphic and selected the 'centering' command from the styling menu at the top of the text entry area).

Have at it!

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