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How To Post To Weblog Categories

(This is not an in-depth explanation of categories as a concept nor how to manage them. Manana. I assume here that you have already created categories. To do this, go to the Prefs page from the Radio Menu at the top of any local weblog page and follow the directions for Categories under the Weblog section).

I describe in this topic how you can post to one or more Radio categories from your local weblog's home page.

Once categories have been turned on, you will see something like this just below the text entry area on your weblog's home page:

Home Page, My Friends, My Hobbies, etc. are each a Radio category. In fact, when you turn categories on, these are created by Radio. You can also create new categories of your own. When you do, these will be displayed here with the titles that you assigned them.

If you click on a category's active link (for instance, click on 'My Hobbies', Radio will route you to the page where this category is defined and can have its definition edited. Try it.

If you click on the 'New' link to the right of the Categories label, Radio will route you to the page which allows you to create new categories altogether. Go ahead. Categories can be deleted as well as created, so why not experiment?

You can post to one or more of the categories listed on your local home page by selecting (clicking) in the checkbox next to the category.

(Note that the 'Home Page' category is turned on by default. If you want to post to another category but not to your home page, click in the Home Page box to 'turn off' (deselect) that checkbox. Checkboxes use an 'on-off' model.)

Posting To Categories

In this example, I create a sample post that I do not want posted to my public home page but rather to two other categories:

When I select Post to Weblog, my post is saved just like any other post. However, notice the checkmark next to the Edit button in the screen capture below.

Whenever you select at least one other category than the Home Page for a post, this checkmark will be displayed with the post.

This post can be edited just like any Home Page post by clicking the 'Edit' button.

(When you edit, you can reassign the categories for that post or leave them as they were when you first created the post).

Of course, upstreaming must be turned on for the local post to be published to the different categories on your public Community Server.

Finding Your Category Posts On Your Public Site

To find a category on your public site, try an URL like this (I use my user number of course; you should use yours in place of mine):

This will display a list of categories for your weblog on the Community Server. Clicking on one of the active links for a category will load the category's 'home page' into the browser. (Just like your home page, a category will have its theme and calendar. The calendar will archive the specific posts for that category only).

You can create links to your categories once upstreamed just as you can create links to stories, images or Home Page weblog posts.

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