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How Many Copies Of Radio Do I Need?

Like any self-respecting software vendor that needs to make a few bucks to survive (we do want them to enhance Radio, don't we?), Userland expects us to use one copy of Radio on one machine at a time.

So, if you create weblog content on your desktop machine at work and another desktop machine at home, purchase two copies of Radio.

However, you probably will not want to do this. Radio does not automatically synchronize two local copies of Radio with your single public (published) version of Radio. Yes, it could. Doing so is 'just a small matter of programming'. Alas (for us), it is a complex piece of programming. Userland would justifiably need to jack up the price of Radio big-time to justify it.

(Radio does provide a way to 'mail' a weblog post from one computer to the computer on which your copy of Radio is running. You must have a static Internet connection and your copy of Radio must be running on that connection. Otherwise, how will your mailed weblog post find its destination? Unfortunately, Radio's support for this feature can be a bit confusing for beginners).

One Copy Will Do You

Let me put the above more precisely:

1. You need at least one copy of Radio for each operating system that you want to use.

The Windows, classic Macintosh and Macintosh OS/X versions must be purchased separately. You can't get a refund (or ask for an exchange) if you change from one operating system to another during your annual subscription. Of course, Userland makes sure each version has the same features as the other versions.

2.  You probably do not want to purchase more than one copy of Radio, even if you use more than one computer for your work. In this case, select one of the machines as Radio's local home and mail weblog posts to that machine over the Internet.

One Copy of Radio. Many Weblogs.

How many weblogs you can create with one copy of Radio?

The answer is: lots and lots.

Using Radio's 'categories' feature, you can either create a wide variety of subweblogs within your main weblog. Or, you can publish a category as a complete weblog to a different public server than your main weblog.

User Frontier If You Want To Host Weblogs Directly From Your Machine

This is somewhat different, by the way, than Radio serving as a direct host of multiple weblogs. This is reserved for Userland's Frontier/Manila product line. Radio does have its own complete web server onboard, but this is used to support you privately in a variety of ways.

In other words ....

.... A single copy of Radio can publish one or more weblogs to external Internet servers unconnected to your local copy that have the ability to host those weblogs.

.... Radio itself cannot host multiple weblogs. That is, Internet users cannot find your weblogs by coming to your own local copy of Radio and accessing them from your machine.

.... Userland's Frontier/Manila product is the one to choose if you want to not only create a large number of weblogs but host them directly from your own machine.

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