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How To Buy Radio

I know. You're thinking that if this needs to be documented, Userland is in big trouble. Well, the truth is that automated shopping on the Internet is still an art rather than a science - as you have probably already discovered.

Buying Radio is simple, but it doesn't hurt to trace the steps .... just in case.

While Userland expects most customers to order with a credit card, don't despair if you are among the fortunate (?) few that don't have one. Contact and explain your dilemma to them.

Choose Your Version

For simplicity, my weblog has focused on Microsoft Windows versions of Radio. If you are a Macintosh user, the instructions will be nearly identical. To order a Microsoft Windows version of Radio, click on the Windows icon as shown above.

Place The Order In The Shopping Cart


If you want more than one copy of Radio, enter the number of copies desired directly into the quantity (Qty) field as shown above. Then click the 'Update' button to recalculate the new amount. 

(If you wonder how many copies you need, I've got the answer for you).

The 'Continue Shopping' button will return you to the previous screen in case you also want to buy a Radio copy for either of the other operating systems.

When you are ready to do the deed, click 'Place Secure Order'.

Complete Your Order

I show a screen capture of the top of the order form just above. Not surprisingly, Userland recognizes that I have already ordered. Your form will look slightly different the first time around.

This part of the form should be self-explanatory. Fill it in as requested. I find that Userland doesn't pester me too often about special offers and such. Besides, I want to know when they have something for me. I like their stuff. Make your own decision about leaving that box checked ... or unchecked.

The credit card processor can recognize your specific credit card type simply from the number on your credit card. Don't forget to select the correct month and year for the expiration of your chosen card.

Finish your order by choosing a password for yourself. Verify the password your enter into the 'Password' text entry area by entering it a second time into the 'Verify Password' area.

Then, press the 'submit' button to send your order to Userland.


At the very bottom of this same Order Page are a series of customer support links. Click the 'customer support' link to display this page:

Choose any of the options shown on this page to help resolve your problem.

But I Need My Serial Number ...

Once your order is verified and complete, Userland will send you a serial number for you to enter into your local weblog home page. This will turn off the trial subscription notice and make you a full-fledged Radio weenie.

If you have already bought Radio and lost your serial number, How To Retrieve and Enter Your Serial Number will come to your rescue.

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