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How To Retrieve and Enter Your Serial Number

When you purchase Radio for the first time, Userland sends you a super-duper for-your-eyes-only serial number.

You will want to enter this serial number into Radio to remove the trial subscription notification within your weblog.

You will also need to enter your serial number if you should ever want to do a complete reinstall of the Radio software.

Now, if you are smart, you will save or otherwise archive the email that contains your serial number. If you are like me, you will forget to do that. Happily, we can recover our serial number by following the steps shown in this Userland document:


These should be self-explanatory. When you are done, click on the Serial Number Page link on the Userland document page ... or go directly to it by clicking here. (Note: you must have launched your copy of Radio for this link to work).


Enter your serial number into the field as shown above and click Submit. You're golden.

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