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Setting Prefs for WYSIWYG Editing

Radio offers us two different modes for creating and editing text for weblog posts and stories: WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode and Source editing mode.

(Important! Consult What Is The Difference Between WYSIWYG and Source Editing? to find out whether your operating system and browser support WYSIWYG and why ...).

To choose the editing mode you prefer, navigate to the Prefs menu from the Radio Menu. Then select 'Enable the WYSIWYG editing tool? item from the Weblog section (your section may look somewhat different as Userland adds or changes preferences:


This will display the following page:


Userland's text should be fairly self-explanatory.

However, because of the awkward implementation of some browsers, you may find it better to uncheck this box if you are not running Internet Explorer under Microsoft Windows. That is the only browser that will support WYSIWYG mode.

For example, Opera on some Windows machines will not allow you to enter text at all if this box is checked in this Prefs section.

The simple bottom line is this: if you are not having any problem with your browser of choice, leave this box checked. If you are, uncheck it. Of course, unchecking it will force your browser to operate in Source editing mode.

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