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What Is A Macro?

Do you have a few months?

Oversimplifying drastically, a macro is a small piece of specially named text that Radio does special things with. Usually, Radio substitutes other, expanded texts in the place of the macro text.

For instance, every weblog has a <%bodytext%> macro. That macro is inserted into several of the templates that Radio uses to cunningly separate design and style from content.

When you post and upstream your weblog posts or stories, Radio automatically replaces that bodytext macro with the contents you have created.

Consult this Userland help page for an invaluable list of macros that are used within Radio. (Your local copy of Radio must be open for you to access this list). You are free to reuse these macros in your weblog in a variety of places.

Unfortunately, describing where you can (or can't) effectively use them is beyond the scope of this simple definition. That said, macros are a key building block 'under the hood' of Radio's end-user friendly user interface.

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