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How To Get Your User Number

When you launch Radio for the first time (not the Installer, Radio!), it needs to collect some simple information from you so your weblog can be connected to Userland's Community Server. (See What Is the Community Server for more information).

Radio will display a page to you in your browser that explains what it needs and why it needs it.

If you have installed Radio at work, your employer may require you to connect through a proxy server for security purposes. Scroll down this page to find that section and supply the needed data. You can probably ask a network support person for help.

If you are a home user or work for a small business, you will probably not need to consider the matter of a proxy. In any case, you will do no harm to Radio by entering your personal information. Everyone must supply this.

Enter the information as requested above:

Name: You do not have to enter your real name but most people do. Radio will use this name as the 'default' title for your weblog. You can change the title of the weblog conveniently at a later time.

Email address: Enter your email address.

Organization: Optionally enter the name of your organization.

Password: This is a required field. Choose a password you will remember. You won't need to use this often, but it will come in handy when Userland needs to make sure you are the real you ...

Repeat: Repeat the password just as you entered it above.

When you are finished, click the "submit" button.

Changing Your User Identity

You can, you know.

Radio offers a wide-ranging series of user preferences that are available to you from the Prefs section of the Radio Command Menu. Once there, you can choose the User Identity page from the Basic Preferences section:


Radio will display a User Identity page with the information it currently has stored about you:


Just change any of the items that need updating and click 'Submit' to store the changes permanently.

Now What?

You are now an official Radio weenie. Radio assigns you a unique user number. This enables the Community Server to distinguish your weblog from all others. Even if you reinstall Radio or move it to another machine, you will retain your user number.

(Your user number is different than your serial number. The serial number is simply a record of your purchase of Radio. You will receive a user number even if you just use Radio for a trial period and don't buy it).

Once you have submitted the user identity form, Radio displays the virginal home page of your personal weblog to you.

(Henceforth, this home page is the page you will see whenever you open or relaunch Radio).

So, how about making the first post to your new Radio weblog?

Let's post!

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