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How To Clear Out Your Weblog - The Advanced Course

Some time back, I offered a simple but rather clumsy technique for emptying your weblog of your regular posts. I also lied through ignorance - or is it lying when you say something boldly that ain't so? I said that you could empty your stories of content but not delete them altogether.

What was I smoking?

Hey, I never said documentation wasn't buggy, just like software. I said the opposite. And I have fixed How To Clear Out Your Weblog. So maybe I am an honest fella after all. Just stupid.

Now, with that out of the way, let's rely on some tips from Userland's Jake Savin that help us ... clear out our weblog big-time. Unlike my (um) method, this one leads us into Radio's desktop application. Don't let that intimidate you. Just to be safe, go ahead and back-up your important Radio files. Make sure you followed the recommendation in that topic to backup your data files folder as well as the www folder.


1. Quit Radio by right-clicking the Radio button in your Windows status bar and choosing 'Exit and Shut Down Radio:


2. Open your Radio Userland folder on your Windows desktop. Your folder will look similar to mine:


3. Open your Data Files folder. It will look similar to this:


4. Delete the weblogData file. Mine is selected above to help you locate it. This database contains your weblog posts. Radio will rebuild it when you return to your weblog and being creating posts again.

5. Return to your Radio Userland folder (as in step 2 above).

6. Open your www folder within your Radio Userland folder. It will look roughly similar to mine but not identical:


7. Delete the 'year' folder from your www folder. Mine says '2002'. Yours might say '2001' or you might have more than one of these year folders. In that case, delete all of them. Radio will rebuild them.

8. Double-click the stories folder to open it. Delete all the contents within it (that is, all the story files and any other files) but don't delete the stories folder itself.

9. Double-click the categories folder to open. Delete all the contents within it (that is, all category folders/files and any other files) but don't delete the categories folder itself.

10. Delete the rss file within the www folder. My rss file is shown above.

11. You may (but do not need to) empty the contents of the gems, pictures and images folders. Do not delete the folders themselves. Open them up and consider what is in them before you make that decision.

Are you feeling entirely intimidated by this point? Don't. If you have made a backup of your Radio files, you can always use them in place of these folders that you have been deleting madly.

If all has gone according to plan, you have now blown away nearly all the contents of your weblog. You have not deleted your templates, by the way. Let's show a litle mercy to your copy of Radio ... you can always change your templates by selecting a new theme.

When you return to your weblog's home page after opening Radio, the look-and-feel will remain the same. Your preferences should still be in place. Your content will be gone. You did want to start over?

Go for it. Start over. You have a clean slate. Go forth and upstream.

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