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How To Post A News Item To Your Weblog

Radio's News Aggregator is not only a marvelous way to track the content from other weblogs but a great way to insert content into your own weblog so you can add your comments.

This is not such a minor matter as we might imagine.

'Posting' (really 'Composing') and 'Commenting' or (perhaps better, 'Annotating') are core intellectual activities. Radio is the first industrial-strength weblog application that makes this dual content management task pleasant. Pleasant is no small compliment. The gulf between 'do-able' and 'pleasant' usually means the difference between a feature used and a feature scorned.

Posting a news item to your weblog is as easy as this:

1. Make sure you are subscribed to some weblogs. I know: dumb. But it illustrates the point that the richer your set of weblog subscriptions, the more likely it will be that you will receive material worth posting and annotating on your own home page.

2. When you find an item in your news aggregator to which you want to add your own annotation, click the 'POST' button to the right of the item:

I thought this item courtesy of the Shifted Librarian was quite interesting.

3. Clicking post will transfer you to your local weblog home page. The content (complete with a clickable link to the site) will be displayed at the top of your weblog:


The actual text (and any graphics) from the item are displayed in editable form directly within your text entry area:


This displays italicized text that I added at the top of this post from the Shifted Librarian.

When you (or I) are done editing this type of post - and you don't have to do any editing at all if you don't wish - just post the item to your weblog exactly as you do with any other post.

And ... there it is (this is a small slice from the bottom of the actual post):


One of the things you gotta love about the web (and weblogs) is that this is an item published by MSNBC .... that was grabbed and republished by the Shifted Librarian ... and then grabbed, annotated and published by me.

And maybe next by you.

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