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Overview: Advanced Preferences

Advanced preferences cover areas not easily sectioned elsewhere - you know, the kitchen sink.

(Your local copy of Radio must be open for these links to find the preferences directly).

Files/Folders: If you don't like the default paths for Radio's storage of some key files, redefine them.

Passwords: You wouldn't want your passwords to be readily visible through upstream files, so they are managed here in Preferences where they are only visible to you. In fact, they aren't even visible here.

New password: Edit or delete existing passwords here.

Use file URLs: If you are using Netscape or Mozilla on OS/X, you will need this preference to adjust an issue with graphics.

Keep local backup: Enable this if you want to retain a rendered HTML copy of your files as they actually appear to your readers.

Respect Radio 7.0.1 URLs: Yes, Virginia, there was an earlier version of Radio. If you had it, take a look at this preference to adjust your old bookmarks. Otherwise, ignorance is bliss.

Upstream directory.opml: This preference maintains backward compatibility for developers who relied on the upstreaming of this now-obsoleted file.

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