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Overview: Basic Preferences

Basic Preferences determine identity and upstreaming options. These enable Userland or other servers to distinguish between you and other users as well as route your content to the destination(s) of choice.

(Your local copy of Radio must be open for these links to find the preferences directly).

User Identity: Who you are. This is the identity that you make public to others. You don't have to use your real name or email but nearly everyone does.

Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server: You can specify a mail server for receiving or sending notifications of certain changes to your weblog.

Mail me my password: You will forget it sometime, I promise you. Userland mails it to your email account.

Upstreaming: You can decide whether to turn upstreaming (uploading of your local content files) on-or-off - and decide how often Radio should check for your changes.

FTP option: Specify the values needed to route your content to an Internet server other than the default location given you when you first install Radio.

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