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Overview: Internet and Server Settings

Internet and server settings allow you to fine tune the way that your local copy of Radio communicates with the greater world out there in the Internet cloud.

Unless you understand servers, you probably won't want to fiddle too much with the settings within this section. Many of them apply to individuals within their corporate work settings. If you think a preference applies to you, check with a support professional at your workplace.

(Your local copy of Radio must be open for these links to find the preferences directly).

Remote access and security: you have a complete web server within your copy of Radio. Open it up to the world - wisely and carefully - by adjusting these settings.

Periodic updates: Radio can perform a variety of update activities based on your interests and the performance profile of your personal computer.

Firewall or NAT: Enable this if you are behind a firewall so Radio doesn't become needlessly confused. No one ever said this stuff was easy ... for computers.

Event logging: Decide which Radio events you want to track.

Clean up the logs folder on Startup: event records are stored as log files. These can grow very large over time. Determine how long you want to retain log files using this preference.

Proxy server settings: Pass on your setting to Radio if you access the Internet - most likely from work - through a proxy server.

XML-RPC and SOAP in Radio: If you consider these protocols to represent a security risk, turn them off or adjust them here.

The Blogger API in Radio:  You can use Radio to make posts to Blogger.

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