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Overview: News Aggregator

The News Aggregator is one of Radio's unique value-added contributions to the blogging world. Adjust these settings to customize how, when and what you subscribe to from others.

(Your local copy of Radio must be open for these links to find the preferences directly).

Enable the aggregator: It all begins here. You don't have to use the News Aggregator at all - like most things in Radio, it's your choice.

Scan on startup: You can ask Radio to scan for new content among the weblogs to which you are subscribed whenever you open the application.

How many items: Depending on the performance capabilities of your own machine, decide how many news items to display at a given time.

Checkboxes on or off: You can request that checkboxes next to individual news items be checked by default, so you can delete bunches of them more quickly and free room for new ones.

mySubscriptions.opml: Decide whether or not you want your subscription list to be made public.

When and how the aggregator runs: Tweak the minute (during each hour) when Radio scans for news items as well as the degree of horsepower you want to devote to the task.

How the aggregator handles channel errors: Weblogs come and go and, with them, their news feeds. Radio allows you to decide how long the program should bang its head against the (unavailable) wall before it automatically unsubscribes you from a deadbeat site.

Archiving options: Define how long a news item should sit in your inbox before it is either stored or deleted.

RSS enclosures: Radio offers a revolutionary option to accept very large files for downloading during times when you are likely to be offline ... for instance, asleep.

Where to go after posting: No, not you, a news item. If you post news items frequently to your weblog home page, you can ask Radio to return you to the News Aggregator page after you have completed a news item post.

Web Bug Simulator: Decide whether to share with the public the number of news items you receive from each source.

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