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Overview: Templates Preferences

Templates preferences allow you to inspect the actual HTML contents of all templates used by Radio as well as edit them to change your weblog's look-and-feel.

(Your local copy of Radio must be open for these links to find the preferences directly).

Main template: Determine how all interior pages of your weblog will look - everything except your home page. This is sometimes referred to elsewhere in Radio as simply the Template rather than as the Main template but both are referring to the template accessible here.

Home page template: This controls the appearance for your public, upstreamed home page as well as category homes pages and archived category pages.

Day template: Define this template to direct the appearance of all posted items for a single day. Of course, this will affect the look of 'day' items day after day after day ... until you change the template again.

Item template: This affects the individual items that appear within a given day. This template can be thought of as an included part of the Day template, since one or more news items 'make up' a day's postings.

Desktop Website template: Use this template to customize the appearance of your local weblog home page - the home page where you post and edit your weblog items.

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