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Overview of Preferences System

This is not a tutorial covering the items within the Preferences system. That might require a short book all to itself. It is simply a brief, beginning introduction to the system. Each of these topics offers a brief description of each preference and a direct link to that preference within your local copy of Radio.

(Your local copy must be running for the link to work correctly).

Basic Preferences -  Basic Preferences determine identity and upstreaming options. These enable Userland or other servers to distinguish between you and other users as well as route your content to the destination(s) of choice.

Weblog Preferences - Weblog preferences give you control over your day-to-day posting and archiving options.

Templates Preferences - Templates preferences allow you to inspect the actual HTML contents of all templates used by Radio as well as edit them to change your weblog's look-and-feel.

Internet and Server Settings - Internet and server settings allow you to fine tune the way that your local copy of Radio communicates with the greater world out there in the Internet cloud.

News Aggregator - The News Aggregator is one of Radio's unique value-added contributions to the blogging world. Adjust these settings to customize how, when and what you subscribe to from others.

Advanced Preferences - Advanced preferences cover areas not easily sectioned elsewhere - you know, the kitchen sink.

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