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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

We Can't Make It Here Anymore - by James Mcmurtry

The average working class kid without a expensive Education "can't make it here anymore" Globalization took my job overseas. The kids fighting the war haven't a chance, Bush is cutting VA benefits.

Great video...totally explains the predicament we are in today

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stewart on Lebanon Coverage

Daily Show host takes on media coverage of Lebanon...

Wow. Jon Stewart has the audacity to call out our news media because it is more worried about the prices at the gas pumps than on all of innocent lives being killed!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Top 10 Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big!

1. Million Dollar Homepage

1,000,000 pixels, charge a dollar per pixel that's perhaps the dumbest idea for online business anyone could have possible come up with. Still, Alex Tew, a 21-year-old who came up with the idea, is now a millionaire.

2. SantaMail

Ok, how's that for a brilliant idea. Get a postal address at North Pole, Alaska, pretend you are Santa Claus and charge parents 10 bucks for every letter you send to their kids? Well, Byron Reese sent over 200000 letters since the start of the business in 2001, which makes him a couple million dollars richer.

3. Doggles

Create goggles for dogs and sell them online? Boy, this IS the dumbest idea for a business. How in the world did they manage to become millionaires and have shops all over the world with that one? Beyond me.

4. LaserMonks

LaserMonks.com is a for-profit subsidiary of the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank, an eight-monk monastery in the hills of Monroe County, 90 miles northwest of Madison. Yeah, real monks refilling your cartridges. Hallelujah! Their 2005 sales were $2.5 million! Praise the Lord.

5. AntennaBalls

You can't sell antenna ball online. There is no way. And surely it wouldn't make you rich. But this is exactly what Jason Wall did, and now he is now a millionaire.

6. FitDeck

Create a deck of cards featuring exercise routines, and sell it online for $18.95. Sounds like a disaster idea to me. But former Navy SEAL and fitness instructor Phil Black reported last year sales of $4.7 million. Surely beats what military pays.

7. PositivesDating.Com

How would you like to go on a date with an HIV positive person? Paul Graves and Brandon Koechlin thought that someone would, so they created a dating site for HIV positive folks last year. Projected 2006 sales are $110,000, and the two hope to have 50,000 members by their two-year mark.

8. Designer Diaper Bags

Christie Rein was tired of carrying diapers around in a freezer bag. The 34-year-old mother of three found herself constantly stuffing diapers for her infant son into freezer bags to keep them from getting scrunched up in her purse. Rein wanted something that was compact, sleek and stylish, so in November 2004, she sat down with her husband, Marcus, who helped her design a custom diaper bag that's big enough to hold a travel pack of wipes and two to four diapers. With more than $180,000 in sales for 2005, Christie's company, Diapees & Wipees, has bags in 22 different styles, available online and in 120 boutiques across the globe for $14.99.

9. TruGamerz

Faux-suede padded covers for game controllers and gel thumb pads for analog joysticks? No one will buy that. Forget it. The product proved to be so popular, it got picked up by Target.com and Walmart.com and annual sales new exceed half a million dollars.

10. Lucky Wishbone Co.

Fake wishbones. Now, this stupid idea is just destined to flop. Who in the world needs FAKE PLASTIC wishbones? A lot of people, it turns out. Now producing 30,000 wishbones daily (they retail for 3 bucks a pop) Ken Ahroni, the company founder, expects 2006 sales to reach $1 million.

11. To see other businesses that have not made the top 10 list but came pretty close, visit Uncommon Business Blog

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Hell Has No Fury ....

Emily has invited all of the internet in to enjoy watching her playing, Now I've Got You, You SOB!

Emily's Blog:
This photo is what I've been talking about, the favors that I called in for. Brilliant, isn't it? I think so. I ran out early this morning to beat the rush hour traffic (didn't quite go as planned but at least it wasn't standstill) and got a picture of my billboard. My way to tell the world about the lowlife I've just wasted so many years on.

I put it near Steven's office so his co-workers and friends could see exactly what a cheating scumbag he is. And of course, for all of you to see as well. I've decided to do what so many quiet, back-stabbed wives don't -- take charge, make my whoring, cheating, adulterous, fornicating husband know what it feels like to be humiliated. And do it with many decibels.

It's a personal message for everyone to read. Thanks goes out to my husband who chipped in on the price tag. Golly gee honey, I would've never been able to tell the world about your exploits with my best friend without your contribution! Gotta love joint bank accounts. Oh, sorry Steve, I had to splurge on the lights, too. Some people work late, like you. And they're always driving home when it's dark. Burning that midnight oil, Steve-o. Just like you.

So for the next two weeks, starting with today, I will exact revenge on my whoring husband. And who knows what a disparaged woman with lots of resources at her disposal might do?!

It's going to be 14 days of vengeance. 14 days of unbridled revenge. 14 days of Steven looking over his back to see what's coming next. Because I've decided that 14 days is precisely the amount of time I'll still devote to that faithless and deceitful husband before I wash my hands of him completely. These 14 days will be a message to all of those nut-sacks who betray their family. Remember in Jamaica, on our honeymoon, when you said we were now a family? Me and you. Oh, you remember! It was on the terrace, in our white satin robes, right after you came prematurely. (Shoulda seen that pattern!) 14 days of misery for Steven, 14 days of reprisal for me, and 14 days of fun for all of you reading this blog!

Welcome to Emily's 14 Days of WRATH! Wait till you see what I've got in store for Steven tomorrow - a wine tasting party with a twist!

Gawker thinks this ad, on Houston Street in New York, near Katz's Deli, is probably a teaser ad of some kind, possibly for Washington Mutual. The font does look familiar.

UPDATE: Check out this site for more. Some of the language on Emily's blog is pretty NC-17-rated for a marketing campaign, if that's what this is.

If this is guerilla marketing, it'll be interesting to find out what client approved these phrases:

"whoring, cheating, adulterous, fornicating husband"
"all of those nut-sacks who betray their family"
"after you came prematurely"
"that ho-bag once called my best friend, Laura"
"After tomorrow, husbands will be rubbing one out in the shower"
"Steven and Laura have been doing a lot of fucking lately"
"has been putting his small, little tool into another woman's toolbox"
Etc, etc.

The same billboard is up in L.A. on Sunset Blvd. Wonder why our girl Emily doesn't mention that on her blog?

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Good Thing: The Adults Are In Charge

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Joenertia Reaching Into The Liar Jar

At least Joe's got his priorities straight. It's Connecticut's reponsibility to be for Lieberman, not the other way around.

The Connecticut Post has an article today on the deceptive Lieberman ad which shows a fake, mocked-up Lamont bumper sticker - done in the exact style that Ned has his own bumper stickers. And a fake website. In other words, the entire political advertisement is based on a lie.

From the Connecticut Post:

William Scher, of Northampton, Mass., exposed the phony bumper sticker Sunday on his Web site, liberaloasis.com. The ad ran Sunday on Hartford's WTIC-TV, during "Fox News Sunday." It was also shown during C-SPAN's airing of the Lieberman-Lamont debate, where Scher saw it.

Scher said his wife wanted to purchase the bumper sticker to display her anger at Lieberman, but he found that nomorejoe.com was not an active site; it had been used two years earlier in a county sheriff's race in Arizona.

"Their central argument is that Ned Lamont has nothing to say beyond 'I hate Joe Lieberman.' They couldn't find any tangible evidence of that, so they had to make it up," Scher said.

His discovery was quickly picked up by other liberal bloggers who expressed outrage at Lieberman's use of a false image - even though many of them have embraced images "doctored" to highlight their claim that Lieberman is too close to President Bush.

Yep,. you are absolutely right that people are disgusted by politicians who lie in their campaign commercials. Again, from FactCheck.org:

Further, the website on the sticker featured in the ad, www.nomorejoe.com, does not exist. The page is currently blank. Nomorejoe.com is registered to Highground Inc. of Phoenix, AZ. A spokesperson for Highground told FactCheck.org that the domain name was purchased in 2004 as an independent expenditure for a local campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and has no affiliation with the Connecticut Senate race.

Overall, the Lieberman campaign is well within its rights to argue that Lamont's campaign lacks a positive message and is simply "anti-Lieberman." But creating false campaign material and passing it off as authentic? That seems at odds with the ad's praise of Lieberman's "principles." (emphasis mine)

When you have reached the point in your political campaign where you have to openly lie about your opponant to find some basis of attack, you have gone way over pathetic into desperation and crapola.

Joe just keeps making things worse for himself. And I don't think he's capable of stopping his tailspin, because it would require a depth of character he doesn't possess. We'll just keep seeing more of the same as Joe digs his own grave, and whines himself into it.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

JFK Speech on National Secrets and Secret Societies

Thats right, old JFK says everything thats happening now is basically...well... unamerican...

Whats wrong for one person or group is wrong for everyone, otherwise its tyranny. You can't single out one group, lest you be singled out too. I refuse to be riled up against Christians anymore than Muslims or Jews. I will not be mislead by democrats or republicans. Why? Because I'm an American, not a republican or a democrat.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Starry, Starry Night

The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh set to Don McLean's "Starry Starry Night".

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ava Lowery Does It Again With 'Declaration'

Peace Takes Courage is a project by Ava Lowery. Ava is a 15 year old student and peace activist from Alabama. In Mid-March 2005, she created her first animation. Since then she has made over 70 animations, many of them about the war in Iraq. In April 2006, Cindy Sheehan wrote an article about Ava and her effort to promote peace through this website. Ava has been featured on Progressive Magazine online, MichaelMoore.com, Buzzflash.com,Truthout.org, and other sites.

7/04/2006 Independence Day Declaration

categories: Outrages
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Posting For Peace

Please take a moment on this July 4th to remember the fallen and their families

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Iraq Coaliton Casualties
U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 2531
Reported U.S. Deaths Pending DoD Confirmation: 5
Total: 2536
DoD Confirmation List
Latest Coalition Fatality: July 01, 2006

Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan
Total: 399

Three years of war and occupation have failed to bring stability, freedom or sovereignty to Iraq. Instead, they have brought violence, poverty and despair. U.S. policy needs to support Iraqi civil society to rebuild Iraq and support civil society and political, not military, solutions to the conflict.

While Congress has not reflected the views of the U.S. pro-peace majority, the public debate on television, radio, newspapers, and the internet shows that many see our views as common sense. In the past few months, more and more people have been talking publicly about how political, not military, solutions will get Iraq out of crisis. Even military personel such as George Casey, the U.S. Army general in command of coalition troops in Iraq, are acknowledging the need to withdraw from Iraq.

It's clear that we're winning over public opinion and, with continued pressure, we will end this war.

Wage Peace Movie, Three-minute movie about the human cost of war


HELP, This Country Is Headed In The Wrong Direction

If you're looking for a "simple, cheap and effective" way to alert people to the possible infringement of personal liberties this Fourth of July, just fly the Stars and Stripes upside down, a gun rights organization says.

Though some veterans' organizations are far from embracing the idea, Aaron Zelman, president of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), said flying Old Glory upside-down, a traditional signal of distress, is not "disrespectful," but a way of showing "love for your country."

"If you really want to save freedom," he said, "then you embrace the concept of flying the flag upside-down to get other people's attention so they, too, will understand the threat we're faced with and embrace freedom."

Zelman said if people are going to complain about a possible police state coming or the government invading their privacy, "then they have got to get with the program."
"It's almost like termites affect the foundation of our house," Zelman said. "You don't see it going on until there's a collapse."

If you don't think our Goverance doesn't deserve a "Distress Call" then consider this - the U.S. Congress and cynical pundits and political operatives in Washington are polluting our country's political discourse with a debate over flag burning at the very same time that:

- The American Journal of Public Health reports more than 1,700 African Americans die each week because they don't have the same access to health care as other Americans.

- The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 110 workers die each week in workplace fatalities - many of which could be prevented by better enforcement of basic workplace laws by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (which is being gutted by budget cuts).

- The Pentagon reports roughly 15 American soldiers die each week in Iraq.

- The Institute of Medicine reports 346 Americans die each week because they lack health insurance.

- The Environmental Working Group reports that 192 Americans die each week because of exposure to asbestos.

These are tiny snippets in a blood-stained river of similar facts - facts that are similarly ignored by America's political Establishment. But quiet dismissal of life and death is one thing - openly substituting a discussion of life and death with a made-for-television spectacle about a fabricated "controversy" is altogether different.

Our founding fathers would be ashamed.
Our country's historical icons who fought to make this country great would be appalled. My own ancestors - who risked their lives to free themselves from tyranny, get to this country and help build it through public service - they would be disgusted. And the next generation will rightly look upon this day - and this era - as a humiliating cautionary tale in the history of a country that allowed the worst forms of greed and self-indulgence from the most vile political opportunists in both parties to imperil the very foundation this nation was built upon. They will wonder how we, the people, didn't all scream at Congress from the top of our lungs: "How dare you?"

Glenda in the Land of Oz from has come up with a wonderful idea for this year's Independance Day celebration. Visit the other blogs that are also posting on peace and an end to this war.

Enigma4ever - Watergate Summer
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Steve O. - Naked Politics
John Good - Left In Aboite
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Angie - Ang's Weird Ideas
Donnie McDaniel - The Katrinacrat Blog
Glenda - Glenda In The Land Of Oz
Elizabeth Branford - The Blue Republic

Glenda - Lose The Noose
Elizabeth Branford - Consider The Boot
Stella - Swiftspeech

Visit these sites and see their "Post For Peace" and about celebrating the Fourth of July.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

On Posting For Peace

Glenda in the Land of Oz from has come up with a
wonderful idea for this year's Independance Day celebration.
Just put Posting for Peace in your headline banner on the 4th of July and write something about why you are against the war, or post a drawing, or a photo. Whatever peace means to you. Be creative!

She says "Please let me know if you are interested in this and I'll add your link to my post."
This seems like a great opportunity for bloggers from all possible backgrounds to show our support for the soldiers and for ending our nation's bloody and disasterous war in Iraq. Tell our government that we've tried "Bring It On" now it's time for "Bring em' Home". If you're interested and/or have any questions about the details, please check with Glenda.

Glenda really is a good witch.

As the Dude said on The Blue Republic

Getting back to Glenda's original proposal for observing the 4th of July: The original intention of the commemoration was to memorialize the Declaration of Independence. It's the meaning of the words penned by Jefferson that are at the basis for our remembrance not the bloodshed of the Revolutionary War (or any other war). It's not a birthday party. Independence Day is a celebration of the themes Jefferson wrote about (and the Virginia Declaration of Rights before him):

All men have inherent rights to life, liberty, and property
All power is vested in the people
Government is established to benefit, not rule the people
Leadership roles should not be hereditary
Legislative and Executive Powers should be separate and distinct
The principles of free elections
Government can not suspend laws without the consent of the people
The right to trial by jury and to confront witnesses
There should be no cruel and unusual punishment
Provisions to eliminate unlawful searches of persons or personal property
Trial by jury is preferable and should be held sacred
"Freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty"
A well regulated militia is required to defend a free state
People have a right to a uniform government
Free government is preserved only by adherence to fundamental principles
The freedom to practice religion according to personal reason and conviction

There is no better day to call your government to task for their failure to live up to these principles than on Independence Day. This administration has taken a continued and aggressive attack on many of these freedoms. The Declaration of Independence asserts that your ultimate allegiance should be to Inherent Autonomy, especially when the Central Government ignores and denies the very instruments this nation was founded upon.

Glenda there can be no better, no more appropriate occasion to call for peace than on Independence Day, and if anyone doesn't understand that, then they should seek a better understanding of their national heritage.

categories: Soul
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Primary Race In Connecticut, Joe and Ned .....

Generally speaking, I have nothing against Lieberman. Even his pro-war stance is OK - NOT. We're a big tent, but not right now? His sucking up to George Bush, however, is really offensive and completely gratuitous. That's strike one.

Plus there's this whole snide business about how "Kos and the liberal netroots have never backed a winning candidate." It's not really true, I know, but it would still be nice to see that canard die a clear and well-deserved death. So that's strike two.

And then there's the really lame ads Lieberman has been running. That's strike three. And the fact that he's as much as said he'd ditch the party and run as an independent if he loses. That's strike four. And his vote for cloture during the debate on the bankruptcy bill and the cloture vote for cloture on the Alito appointment.. That's strike five.

Handing Cheney a big ol' bucket o' love during their "debate" - strikes six and seven.

Telling rape victims they can just go to a different hospital if the one they are taken to won't give them "morning after" contraception - strike eight.

Saying "Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion" - strike nine.

And his annoying habit of undercutting other Democrats by going on television shortly after they've said something useful and completely disagreeing with them (see "we shouldn't criticize our President in these times of peril") - strike ten!

Remind me again. How many strikes before you're out?

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