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09/18/2003: Outrages:        Blix Attacks "Spin and Hype" of Iraq Weapons Claims

09/18/2003: Politics:           Mistakes of Vietnam Repeated With Iraq

09/15/2003: Politics:           What Is To Be Done

09/15/2003: Outrages:        America's Hidden Battlefield Toll

09/15/2003: Politics:           No Shit Alert: Iraq WMD Report Shelved Due To Lack of Evidence

09/12/2003: Soul:               How I Want To Remember "The Man In Black"

09/11/2003: Politics:           What You Think You Know About Sept. 11...But Don't

09/10/2003: Microsoft:       Microsoft Patch Doesn't Work

09/09/2003: Politics:           A "Mind-Numbingly Boring" Propaganda Film

09/09/2003: Politics:           Friends, Americans, Countrymen...I Heard/Read Bush's Speech

09/08/2003: Politics:           "War-On-Terrorism" As a BUSH Killer Application

09/08/2003: Politics:           How Can a Job-Losing Recovery Be a Recovery?

09/08/2003: Heart:             Warren Zevon, Singer-Songwriter, Dies At 56

09/04/2003: Politics:           Time To Explore the Bush/Saudi Connection

09/01/2003: Outrages:        Happy Labor Day

09/01/2003: Outrages:        Ending of 40-Hour Work Week in US?

08/28/2003: Politics:           US Suspects It Received False Iraq Arms Tips

08/26/2003: Heart:             MIT's Freshman Orientation Guide to Hooking Up

08/22/2003: Politics:            O'Reilly-0, Franken-2; Fox Blocked In Suit Against Al Franken's Book

08/22/2003: Politics:            What's Up With That 'Flypaper Theory'

08/19/2003: Humor:            Top Ten Things Heard During George W. Bush's Vacation

08/17/2003: Misc:               Chicago's Logan Square House and Garden Walk

08/17/2003: Politics:            Bush Toy Was Not Much Fun

08/16/2003: Security:          Hidden Text in Computer Documents

08/15/2003: Outrages:         Poor Supplies Hurt Soldiers

08/13/2003: Politics:            Baghdad Blogger: Welcome to the Republic of Darkness and Unemployment

08/12/2003: Humor:            The Reasons For California Recall

08/12/2003: Internet:          Computer Worm Attacks Software Patch Server

08/11/2003: Politics:           Ideas For New Bush Bumper Stickers

08/11/2003: Politics:            Tips For Talking About President Bush With Your Children

08/09/2003: Politics:             Largest Single-Day Layoff In North Carolina's History

08/08/2003: Outrages:          Excerpt From Gore's NYU Speech Yesterday

08/08/2003: Politics:             US Soldiers Contract Mystery Illness

08/07/2003: Outrages:         As Jobs Flow Overseas, The Controversy Deepens

08/07/2003: Outrages:          Janitor's Fight For Security

08/06/2003: Outrages:         Welcome To The Matrix, TIA Reloaded

08/06/2003: Politics:            It's Up To People Who Say Sadaam Doesn't Have WMDs, To Tell Us Where They Are

08/04/2003: Politics:            Jobs And Growth: Just Wait

08/03/2003: Internet:           Flash Mobs: A New Social Phenomenon

08/03/2003: Humor:             You Know You're From Chicago, If ...

08/02/2003: Outrages:          AF Officier Refuses Anthrax Shots, CDC Upholds Officier's Claims

08/01/2003: Politics:             Sidestepping On Iraq

08/01/2003: Outrages:          Healthcare In America

08/01/2003: Politics:             Unemployment Drops, Jobs Decline, Labor Force Declines

08/01/2003: Outrages:          Right-Wing Ideology In A Nutshell

07/29/2003: Outrages:          Soldier's Mom Collecting Water For Troops In Iraq

07/28/2003: Misc:                 Bravo's 'Queer Eye' Gets Fitted for Prime-Time NBC

07/26/2003: Politics:             Major Media Picking Up Computer Voting Machine Fraud Story

07/19/2003: Misc:                 It's Hard To Prove 'Non-Consenual Sex

07/18/2003: Outrages:          Shut Your Fucking Face 3 ID Soldiers Currently Stationed In Iraq

07/18/2003: Outrages:          Iraq War Was About The Oil?

07/17/2003: Politics:             Brand America Hurt By Bush Backlash

07/16/2003: Misc:                Masturbating May Protect Against Prostate Cancer

07/16/2003: Outrages:          Lacking Intelligence May Be Worst Than Lying

07/15/2003: Politics:              What Part Of The SOTU Was True?

07/15/2003: Politics:              Bush Says CIAs Doubts Followed Jan. 28 Address

07/13/2003: Outrages:           I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here In This City

07/10/2003: Outrages:           Why The CEO in Chief Needs An Audit

07/09/2003: Politics:              9/11 Commission Says US Agencies Slow Its Inquiry

07/08/2003: Outrages:         The Other Battle: Coming Home

07/08/2003: Outrages:         Vote Fraud: Bigger Than Watergate

07/08/2003: Outrages:        Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave, When We Practice To Deceive

07/08/2003: Outrages:        Military Recruiters Get School Directories

07/07/2003: Misc:              For One Actor, No More Chicken Parts

07/06/2003: Misc:              Kobe Bryant Arrested

07/06/2003: Soul:               (3) Generations Trip To (2) Chicago Treasures On The (4th)

07/06/2003: Outrages:        EPA Books Cooked On Pollution Enforcement

07/05/2003: Politics:           Feel Better About Your Country

07/05/2003: Politics:           'Bring Them On', On The 4th Of July

07/02/2003: Politics:           'Bring Them On', Bush Says To Iraqi Attacks

07/02/2003: Politics:            Anyone See What Happened To Our Constitution

07/02/2003: Politics:            Army Times Editorial, Complete

07/01/2003: Blogging:          Bloggers Gain Libel Protection (Maybe)

07/01/2003: Outrages:          U.S. Suspends Military Aid To Nearly 50 Countries

06/29/2003: Outrages:          Nothing But Lip Service

06/26/2003: Outrages:          What The Hell?

06/26/2003: Outrages:          IRAQ: Salam Pax Says Things Are Starting To Not Be Going So Well

06/24/2003: Outrages:          Burned Iraqi Children Turned Away

06/22/2003: Misc:                They're Back 'V' To Invade NBC Again

06/19/2003: Internet:           US Senator Orrin Hatch Pauses On PC Destruct Button (kinda)

06/19/2003: Politics:             Only 22 Percent Think Saddam Used WMDs

06/17/2003: Outrages:         Latest Iraqi Smoking Gun: Missile Plans

06/17/2003: Politics:            The Perfect Storm

06/16/2003: Politics:            America's Rebuilding Of Iraq Is In Chaos, Say British

06/11/2003: Security:          RapidBlaster Alert (Spyware)

06/11/2003: Humor:            Reg To Attend 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference

06/11/2003: Misc:               2 Dumb 2 Care 4 U So Y Don't U Shut Up C And B Dumb K

06/11/2003: Misc:               Man Pleads Guilty To Holding Sex Slaves

06/09/2003: Body:               'Survivor' Jenna To Bare It All

06/09/2003: Politics:           Bloodshed, Fear And A Deadly Ambush

06/09/2003: Internet:          Depressed Student Kills Herself With Help Of Online Group

06/09/2003: Humor:            For Palestinians Bush Promises Statehood, Midnight Basketball

06/07/2003: Misc:               Girls Teach Teen Cyber Gab To FBI Agents

06/05/2003: Politics:            Homeland Insecurity, US Schools, Middle Class, Poor Taking Shelling

06/04/2003: Misc:               'Explicit' Shoe Ad Steps Into Trouble

06/03/2003: Outrages:         Bush Shines In The Time Of The Lie

06/03/2003: Security:          Messenger Plus Bundling LOP.COM

06/03/2003: Humor:            The Bush Tax-Cut Plan

06/02/2003: Blogging:         If You Reall Want To Know, Ask A Blogger

06/01/2003: Humor:            You're My JPEG Baby

06/01/2003: Misc:               Forest Satyrs Fauned Over

05/31/2003: Outrages:        Politicians Reasons For The Iraq War

05/30/2003: Politics:            Brer Bush And The Iraqi Tar Baby

05/30/2003: Outrages:        Asscroft's Frivolous Perseution of Brett Bursey For Holding Protest Sign

05/29/2003: Outrages:        Bush Wants To Build The Matrix

05/28/2003: Outrages:        The Changes Unwelcome, A Model Teacher Moves On

05/25/2003: Misc:               Benefactor Saves Student's Virginity From Auction

05/23/2003: Politics:           A Proud Nation Should Be Sorry

05/21/2003: Politics:           How Terror Talk (Electronic Chatter) Is Tracked

05/21/2003: Politics:           Republican Party Fake 'Astroturf Calls' Behind Dixie Chick Controversy

05/19/2003: Heart:             Couple Arrested After Water Tower Sex Tryst

05/17/2003: Misc:              Oh My God, An American Idol

05/16/2003: Misc:              A Shameful Display, It's Not A Sport Anyway

05/15/2003: Misc:              Embrace Conspicuous Patriotism, It's The Prudent Thing To Do

05/15/2003: Humor:           Top Twenty D&D Pickup Lines

05/15/2003: Internet:         'No School' E-Mail Hoax Sent to 3,500 Students

05/13/2003: Politics:           Intelligence Chiefs Forced To Rethink As Bombs Target Complacency

05/11/2003: Misc:              Jack Nicholson Gets Court Rage

05/09/2003: Misc:              Survivor: The Wrath Of Rob

05/09/2003: Misc:               Another JackAss Copycat Injured

05/09/2003: Misc:               College Models Break Nude Ground By Approving Union

05/08/2003: Outrages:        Principal Fears Powder Puff Game Thugs Have Hurt School's Reputation

05/02/2003: Politics:           Bush Re-Election "Top Gun' Photo Op

05/02/2003: Outrages:       Pearl 'Killed Over Secrets'

05/02/2003: Internet:         Rise Of The Spam Zombies

05/01/2003: Politics:           Yes, Where Are The Saddam Look-Alikes

04/30/2003: Mind:             Brits Seek Missing WIMPs Of Universe

04/30/2003: Misc:             Pair's Prom Outfits Ode To 16th Century, Duct Tape

04/29/2003: Misc:             Fake School Letter Tells Parents Of Condoms For Prom

04/28/2003: Misc:             Token Suckers: A Disgusting Practice Vanishes With The Token

04/26/2003: Outrages:       Where Have All The WMD-Hunters Gone?

04/25/2003: Outrages:       Leading Cause of Death In Pregnant Women: Murder

04/25/2003: Politics:          Short-Sighted U.S. Foreign Policy Spells Trouble Ahead In Iraq

04/25/2003: Outrages:       Senator Santorum And The Incest Laws

04/23/2003: Politics:           U. of I. Sleuths Reveal Their 'Deep Throat' Pick

04/20/2003: Outrages:        Texas Police Break Up Latctation Porn Ring

04/18/2003: Misc:              Philophical Themes That Arise In The Matrix

04/17/2003: Politics:            A Theory: The Iraqi DEAL

04/16/2003: Misc:               Mr Lucky Was Not So Plucky

04/15/2003: Humor:            We Love Their Iraqi Information Minister

04/15/2003: Politics:            Deja Vu All Over Again: From Political Strikes

04/13/2003: Outrages:        Here's Looking At You, Kid (Casablanca)

04/13/2003: Outrages:        Bush's Brave New Wage World

04/13/2003: Politics:           Mossback: Conserative Crybabies

04/11/2003: Heart:             Samantha Sheppard: Image You Won't See In Every War

04/10/2003: Outrages:        Katrin Michael: Gassed By Iraqi Troops, Blindsided By INS

04/09/2003: Misc:              Caught In The Geraldo Riveria Sideshow

04/08/2003: Misc:              Tony Pierce: Jerry Krause Has Resigned From The Chicago Bulls

04/08/2003: Blogging:        Noted War Blogger 'Agonist' Cops To Copying

04/07/2003: Outrages:       Librarians Use Shredder To Show Opposition To New FBI Powers

04/06/2003: Humor:           If Fox News Was Around During 'Boston Tea Party'

04/06/2003: Misc:              Treachery On The Chicago Lakefront

04/05/2003: Outrages:        Llano Iraqi War Water Outrage

04/04/2003: Misc:             'Girls Gone Wild' Owner Busted For 'Kiddie Porn'

04/04/2003: Misc:             The Fine Art In Business Of Sucking Up

04/03/2003: Internet:        File-Trading Hoax Snares Victims

04/03/2003: Misc:             Shorter 24....

04/03/2003: Misc:             Two Hurt In School Crossbow Attack

04/03/2003: Misc:             WB Ditches Movie Ad With Star Flashing Peace Sign

04/01/2003: Humor:           April Fools Day....

04/01/2003: Outrages:       9/11 Hijackers Were Lucky Over And Over Again

03/31/2003: Politics:           Military Readiness: Then And Now

03/31/2003: Outrages:       The Testimony Of The Dead

03/29/2003: Politics:           Mr. Cranky Ratings: Iraq War Coverage

03/28/2003: Internet:         Use A Firewall, Go To Jail

03/28/2003: Internet:         Iraqi Dead Counted, Not Forgotten

03/28/2003: Politics:           War Game Was Fixed To Ensure American Victory Claims General

03/27/2003: Misc.:              Since Guinness Beer Is Black, Why Are The Bubbles 'White'

03/26/2003: Humor:            Onion: U.S. Forms Own U.N.

03/26/2003: Mind:               Iraqi TV Battle Reporting: War Porn

03/25/2003: Outrages:         Top Enron Leaders Have Not Been Charged

03/25/2003: Politics:            Russian Military Intelligence Report On War In Iraq

03/24/2003: Politics:            CNN Reporter Yesterday Uttered That Dreaded Word: Quagmire

03/23/2003: Politics:            They Both Reached For The Gun!

03/21/2003: Outrages:         Dead Baltimore Marine's Father Has Strong Words For Bush

03/21/2003: Misc:                Bonnie Bassler: Microbes Are Talking To Each Other & Plotting Against Us

03/20/2003: Misc:                John Trani's Graduation Present: His Own Hooters Restraurant

03/19/2003: Outrages:         Red Alert: Just A Hop, Skip, And a Jump Away From Martial Law

03/19/2003: Misc:                The 101 Dumbest  Moments In Business 2003 Edition

03/18/2003: Outrages:          Introducing The Recruiter Hall Of Shame

03/18/2003: Outrages:          Dixie Chick Damage Control

03/17/2003: Politics:              Media Watchdogs Caught Napping

03/16/2003: Misc:                 PUMA Shoes and a Buying Controversy

03/16/2003: Internet:            Music Companies Fear New 100-Hour Discs

03/13/2003: Heart:               'Survivor' Contestant Splits The Deaf Community

03/12/2003: Internet:              Take This Tech Job And Shove It

03/12/2003: Politics:                It's An Interesting Time To Be An American Living In Europe

03/12/2003: Outrages:             Iraqi 'Smoking Gun - Drone' Made of Duct Tape and Balsa Wood

03/11/2003: Outrages:             Microsoft Is Spying On You....Yes There's Proof

03/11/2003: Outrages:             Diagram of Reported Perle/Khashoggi Conflicted Connections

03/10/2003: Misc:                    Russian Lesbian Duo TATU Takes Middle East Audience by Storm...

03/10/2003: Internet:                The Best Spyware Stopper: YOU

03/10/2003: Internet:                Strange Case of 'Ruthless Bastard' Lawyer And a email Hoax

03/08/2003: Politics:                Bush: Clap For Me Or No EU Speech

03/08/2003: Politics:                North Korea: Apoclypse Now!

03/08/2003: Politics:                Is It Good For The Jews?

03/07/2003: Politics:                What If The Peace Movement Succeed?

03/07/2003: Misc:                   Good MmmmmmMorning Kuwait, This Is Your Desert

03/05/2003: Soul:                    God, Satan and American Secular Culture

03/05/2003: Mind:                   Principal Pays Up For Reading Pigout

03/05/2003: Politics:                North Korean Missile Warhead Found In Alaska

03/04/2003: Politics:                Interrogating The Dead Al-Qaida, Or Are We Stupid?

03/04/2003: Internet:               Girl Baffles Teacher With SMS Essay

03/03/2003: Internet:              Oh My God, Real News From The World Economic Summit By Unguarded Reporter

03/03/2003: Mind:                  Stupidity Should Be Cured, Says DNA Discoverer

02/28/2003: Soul:                   Wanna Know What Conseratives Really Hate?

02/28/2003: Politics:              US Has Secret, Scary Plans For North Korea

02/27/2003: Internet:             Alert Web Detectives Insist See-thru-skirts Are Photoshop Hoax

02/25/2003: Outrages:           Bush Chronology Of Saying One Thing Then Doing Another

02/24/2003: Internet:             Workplace e-Mail Can Explode In Clumsy Hands

02/24/2003: Outrages:          The Department Of Duck And Cover

02/20/2003: Outrages:          Gulf War Veterans Question Who Started Oil Well Fires In Kuwait

02/19/2003: Politics:             Molly Ivers: Midwinter Madness

02/19/2003: Politics:             Frenching France

02/19/2003: Outrages:         We Can Do Better Than Buying Duct Tape

02/14/2003: Internet:           Giveboobs.com: Tempest In a 'C' Cup

02/13/2003: Humor:             The 2002 Darwin Award Nominees

02/12/2003: Outrages:         The Average American View Of The Muslim World

02/11/2003: Outrages:         All The News That's Fit To Scrub??

02/09/2003: Politics:             The Case For Bombing Iraq

02/08/2003: Heart:               The Naked Truth About 'Girls Gone Wild'

02/07/2003: Humor:             Winning Entries In BBC Weekly Captions Competition

02/07/2003: Internet:           Public Computer Users Beware

02/07/2003: Outrages:         FDA Choice Favors Prayer For PMS And Opposes Contraception For Single Women

02/06/2003: Politics:             Robert Fisk: Don't Mention The War In Afghanistan

02/05/2003: Soul:                  Finest Instance Of Elegant Interface Design, EVER (Fly UI)

02/05/2003: Outrages:          Fascists Redux: Picasso's Guernica Covered At The UN

02/03/2003: Politics:              Six Degrees Of Separation From Osama Bin Laden

01/31/2003: Politics:              Blair's Back-bench Phoney War Over

01/31/2003: Misc:                 The Eight Worst Reality TV Cliches

01/31/2003: Politics:             In These Times: Kurt Vonnequt Vs. The !&#*!@

01/29/2003: Politics:             The First Punitive War Of A New Imperial Age

01/27/2003: Heart:                Sex in High School/College:' What's Love Got To Do With It?

01/26/2003: Internet:            SurfControl Cites Top 10 Most Annoying Spam In 2002

01/24/2003: Heart:                Miller Lite Mud-Wrestling Commercial Sparks Debate

01/22/2003: Politics:             Nov to Jan -- Difference Is Night & Day Due to LA Senator Mary Landrieu

01/21/2003: Politics:             'President Bush Is Demonstrating Genuine Leadership' Spam Caught On Google

01/20/2003: Outrages:          Commerce Secretary Nancy Victory Has More Friends Than Sense...or Ethics

01/20/2003: Politics:             How Many September 11th Terroristist Hijackers Were Iraqi Citizens

01/15/2003: Outrages:          Baby Toy Utters Subliminal Message 'I Hate You'

01/15/2003: Body:                Researching Circumcision

01/15/2003: Outrages:          Mark Morford Asks 'Are Hummer Owners Idiots?'

01/14/2003: Internet:           US Military Spams Key Iraiq Officials

01/14/2003: Politics:             Russell Mokhibe Questions At Ari Fleischer's 'Daily Press Baffling'

01/12/2003: Outrages:         Like North Korea, Bush Administration Thumbs It's Nose At World Community

01/06/2003: Outrages:         Case Of The Five Vanishing Terrorists From Canada On New Year's Eve

01/06/2003: Outrages:         John Lehman: An Unwelcome Parting Gift From Trent Lott

01/04/2003: Outrages:         Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002

01/01/2003: Outrages:         Eat The State: 2002 Media Follies

12/30/2002: Security:          Total Information Awareness Program Is A RISK! (BIG TIME)

12/30/2002: Security:           Nigerian Net Scam, Version 3.0

12/27/2002: Outrages:         Molly Ivins: You're A Mean One, Mr. Bush

12/23/2002: Outrages:        FBI Performs A Nasty Sequel To Whistle-Blower Saga

12/18/2002: Security:          School 'Hacker' Gets His 'A'

12/17/2002: Politics:           Economic 'Recovery' Has A Snowball's Chance

12/14/2002: Security:         Keeping Track Of John Poindexter

12/12/2002: Politics:           Record Shows Thurmond Changed With The Times - Trent Lott Didn't

12/11/2002: Politics:           Helen Thomas - White House Steps Over The Line

12/06/2002: Internet:         Internet Spammer Can't Take What He Dishes Out

12/03/2002: Politics:          Things To Come - The Pontificator Does Some Pontificating

11/27/2002: Misc:             As A Management Principle, Weirdness Works

11/25/2002: Misc:             Campbell's Chunky Soup Curse

11/21/2002: Politics:          Pattern Of Lethal Small Plane Crashes Carrying Politicans, Newsmen

11/21/2002: Outrages:       Information Awareness Office, A View From The Radical Center

11/20/2002: Politics:          The Kennedy Dynasty Vs The Bush Dynasty

11/20/2002: Security:         More On The Autotote Scam

11/13/2002: Politics:          You Think The November 5, 2002 US General Election Went Smoothly?

11/13/2002: Security:        Foistware/Spyware - Gator Offer Companion, Tickler, Gain

11/12/2002: Misc:             Karyn Bosnak, Web Panhandler Pays Off $20,000 Debt

11/11/2002: Misc:             More On The Safeway Trainwreck That Used To Be Chicago's Dominicks

11/09/2002: Microsoft:      Can Mike Doyle Do What Computer Industry And DOJ Couldn't?

11/06/2002: Politics:          A Jingoistic Plutocratacy Oligarchy Controls The US Government

11/04/2002: Politics:          US Senate - The Final Stretch

11/04/2002: Politics:          Why You Must Vote On Tuesday

10/31/2002: Politics:          Joe Conason's Journal, The Madness of King Jesse

10/25/2002: Politics:          Senator Paul Wellstone Was A Special American Treasure

10/24/2002: Software:       Celebrate Grace Hopper Day, December 9

10/24/2002: Politics:          Bush White House Spends More On Florida Than Afghanistan

10/24/2002: Microsoft:      Is Microsoft Licensing Forcing Banks To Break The Law

10/23/2002: Politics:          President Bush Doesn't Tell The Truth, He Distorts, Exaggerates and Lies

10/21/2002: Outrages:      Who Is The Sniper? Blogs Tell All

10/13/2002: Politics:         How Soviet Sub Officier Saved World From Nuclear Conflict

10/13/2002: Politics:         US/Iraq War: Sailing Into A Storm

10/12/2002: Politics:         Ron Rosenbaum Is Making Sense In A Bizarro World, Maybe

10/11/2002: Politics:         Bush Wins Support For War In Middle East

10/11/2002: Soul:              Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace Prize

10/10/2002: Security:        Identity: Digital ID World Conference

10/10/2002: Outrages:       The 50 Most Loathsome People In America

10/09/2002: Mind:              Some Questions On Obscene And Indecent Speech

10/09/2002: Humor:           Message Says God Is The Washington Sniper

10/09/2002: Politics:           Anotol Lieven's Analysis Of Bush's 'Push For War'

10/08/2002: Misc:              Anti-Sex Protesters Help Boost Sex Shop Business

10/08/2002: Humor:           SomethingAwful's 'Biblical Endorsements' Satire

10/08/2002: Soul:               Escher's 'Ascending and Descending' in Legos

10/07/2002: Security:         Here's Big Brother's 'Lookin At Ya, Baby' CAM

10/07/2002: Misc:              Some Chicago CTA Elevated 'Envy' From Seattle

10/07/2002: Blogging:        Knowledge Management: When Bad Things Happen To Good Ideas

10/06/2002: Politics:           Iraq Anti-War: Life In The Wilderness

10/01/2002: Politics:           Bush Seeks U.N. Support For 'U.S. Does Whatever It Wants' Plan

09/28/2002: Politics:           Deer In The Headlines/Hunting With George W. Bush

09/28/2002: Heart:             Join The Sun's "Save Our Blondes" Campaign

09/25/2002: Misc:             Upper Darby Firemen's Flirtatious Rolling Stone Concert Frolic May Backfire

09/24/2002: Politics:          Bush's Imperialism & Warmongering Not American Traditions Or Values

09/23/2002: Internet:        Woman Falls For Nigerian eMail Spam Scam

09/23/2002: Outrages:      Caught On Tape: Mother Beats Child

09/23/2002: Soul:             Wisdom Quotations About War And Peace

09/19/2002: Misc:            Virgin Airlines Vs Mile-High Club, Good Or Bad PR

09/19/2002: Polits:            Finally A Voting Machine Just Right For Florida

09/18/2002: Outrages:     Artists To Record Labels, Get Bent

09/15/2002: Misc:            Woman Trainer Rescues Russell Crowe From Bar Brawl

09/15/2002: Politics:         Possible Results If US Invades Iraq

09/14/2002: Politics:         Is America Still The World's "Good Guy" Survey?

09/13/2002: Humor:         Bush's Iraq Invasion Strategy

09/12/2002: Politics:        EU Debates Measures To Restore Democracy In Florida

09/11/2002: Outrages:      9/11 - A Nation Remembers

09/09/2002: Politics:        The Blinding Gauze Of Sentimentality

09/03/2002: Outrages:      Is This Family Values?

09/02/2002: Soul:            Banned Book Week

09/02/2002: Humor:        How Do Witches Of Old Fly On Broomsticks

09/01/2002: Outrages:      More On the Portland Bush Protests

08/31/2002: Heart:        People All Over The World, Join In

08/30/2002: Heart:       Tips For Men Who Like Women

08/29/2002: Security:      Who's Spying On My Hotmail?

08/29/2002: Outrages:      Judge Blamed For Sending Sex Abuser Home In Md.

08/29/2002: Politics:      Top Ten New Careers For Bob Barr

08/20/2002: Security:      Chemical Weapons Threats, Real and Perceived

08/20/2002: Misc:      Global Warming Will Create Mini Ice Age

08/20/2002: Security:      The Howard Hughes Homeland Security Plan

08/20/2002: Soul:            Sustaining The Flame of Burning Man

08/19/2002: Soul:            The British Guide to Pub Etiquette

08/15/2002: Outrages:      Shocking Photos of Global Warming Effects

08/15/2002: Politics:        8 Million Jobless Competing For 3.5 Million Jobs

08/14/2002: Outrages:      An American Portrait

07/31/2002: Outrages:      PR Manual Helps Rotten Companies To Manage Activists And Pressure Groups

07/31/2002: Misc:             Sacrelicious Prayer Panties, But I Like Them

07/30/2002: Heart:            The Fort Bragg Murders

07/30/2002: Misc:             US To Blame Canada If They Legalize Pot

07/29/2002: Security:        Homeland Security Is A Joke

07/27/2002: Security:        How To Disappear On The Internet and Protect Your Privacy

07/26/2002: Misc:            Everyone Loves Denver's Hooker Cam

07/26/2002: Security:        License To Hack: The Black Hats Win

07/25/2002: Misc:           Odd Todd's Jobless Web Site was a Labor of Love, Not FRAUD

07/22/2002: Humor:        Onion Says Anti-Spam Law Opposed by Powerful Penis-Enlargement Lobby

07/20/2002: Heart:          Another Madiera, M'Dear

07/19/2002: Misc:            I'm Just Here For The Food

07/16/2002: Security:        The Terror Alert They Won't Issue

07/15/2002: Internet:         Judge, See Ya Later, Gator

07/14/2002: Outrages:       American's CEOs, Like Sgt. Schultz, "Know Nothing" About Scandals

07/02/2002: Humor:          Supreme Court Rules "Earnings Reports" Should Be Protected As Art

06/30/2002: Security:       Microsoft Media Player "Security Patch" Changes EULA, Big Time

06/25/2002: Security:       Techno-Rebellion Over Adware/Spyware & Internet Privacy Invasions

06/24/2002: Microsoft:     Microsoft's New 'Big Secret', Palladium

06/22/2002: Outrages:      School Vice Principal: Panty Peeker Punishment Paltry

06/20/2002: Misc:            Insectoid: Six-Legged Finnish Logging Machine

06/17/2002: Heart:          Why Does Porn Got to Hurt So Bad

06/17/2002: Politics:       Thirty Years Ago: The Watergate Break In

06/17/2002: Blogging:    The New Prairie Blogs Directory

06/16/2002: Security:     The Moral Dilemma of Data Leaks

06/15/2002: Humor:       The Growing Number of Satire Sites On The Web

06/13/2002: Outrages:    National Security Agency Tapped 9/11 Terrorists

06/13/2002: Politics:       The Real White House Vandal Scandal

06/13/2002: Security:     North Dakota Voters Side Overwhelmingly With Privacy

06/13/2002: Politics:       John Ashcroft Fondles Your Inbox

06/12/2002: Heart:         Men: Breaking Up Is Bad Only If Women Do It First

06/11/2002: Security:     Selling Your (MMORPG) Soul

06/11/2002: Security:     Radioactive Waste Goes Under Tents

06/10/2002: Security:     Kazaa Users Unwittingly Share Personal Files

06/09/2002: Security:     AIM+ Creators Delete "Spyware" Feature

06/08/2002: Politics:      Loan Officier Face-to-Face With a Terrorist

06/08/2002: Security:    White-Hat Hackers Unlocking Norway's History

06/07/2002: Security:    Comet Cursor Defends Their Spyware(????)

06/06/2002: Soul:          NASA Hubble Telescope NICNMOS Reactivated After Three Years

06/06/2002: Internet:    The Yes Men, PETA and the Phenomenon of Parody Websites

06/06/2002: Politics:     Air Force Colonel Suspended Over Bush-bashing Letter-to-the-Editor

06/05/2002: Body:         We're Rather Die Than Take Our Clothes Off

06/04/2002: Misc:         Interesting Tidbits

06/04/2002: Humor:      Record Companies Say Humming is Theft

05/30/2002: Heart:       Christina Silvas: Jesus Loves A Hot JPEG

05/30/2002: Humor:     Disney Corporation Quotation

05/30/2002: Humor:     The Physics of Hell

05/28/2002: Misc:       Gun goes off in pants, Wounding Toledo Man

05/27/2002: Internet:   Nigerian Spam Scammers - let the games begin

05/27/2002: Mind:       The Future of Mind Control

05/27/2002: Heart:      Women: Let's Talk About Sex

05/26/2002: Internet:   Amazon Customers' Recommendations Scammed

05/26/2002: Security:   Hackers gain entry to California state personnel databases

05/25/2002: Internet:   X10 pop-ups: Create New Rules for Internet Advertising

05/25/2002: Humor:     National Lampoon Terror Advisory Map

05/25/2002: Internet:   Music start-up FightCloud.com offers CDs free

05/24/2002: Software: What's Worse, Killing Someone or Copying a Music CD

05/24/2002: Microsoft: Xbox struggling with Marketing Math Test

05/24/2002: Outrages:  Mark Morford: Evildoers In The Hood - more terrorist warnings

05/24/2002: Mind:       Having the Guts to Leave a Crippling School System

05/24/2002: Misc:       Stripper Mom: Quits Job Becomes Shock Jock

05/24/2002: Outrages: Wrongly Jailed Man Charged Room and Board

05/23/2002: Politics:    Eric Alterman Launches Blog with MSNBC

05/23/2002: Internet:   Top 10 eMail Scams Exposed

05/23/2002: Outrages: Giving Telemarketers a Taste of Their Own Medicine

05/23/2002: Misc:        Nina Lives - last episode of "24" made for her

05/22/2002: Internet:   The Onion's Guide to Human Interaction for Computer Geeks

05/22/2002: Misc:        TV Weatherman Look Out: Animals Can Predict The Weather

05/22/2002: Outrages: Bad Parenting, Grandmother assaults granddaughter's coach

05/22/2002: Body:       For Food Addicts: Hamburgers Are Like Cocaine

05/21/2002: Humor:    Photoshop The Featherless Chicken

05/21/2002: Internet: Angry Senator Brings Congress closer to Spam Ban

05/21/2002: Misc:      Penthouse Settles: pays 10M to fake Kourikova

05/21/2002: Internet: Copyright Office Allows Internet Radio to Live On

05/20/2002: Humor:  AMA Warning Against Excessive Masturbation w/Test

05/19/2002: Misc:      Air Force Pilot Projects Flight 77 Flight Path

05/18/2002: Internet:  Copyright Fascists

05/18/2002: Security:  Large-scale Identity Thief from Ford Motor Company Databases

05/17/2002: Outrages:  Oil Pipelines - Connection between oil plans and 9/11 attacks

05/17/2002: Outrages: Philip Morris Name-Change to Altria; Lung Cancer to use Philip Morris name

05/17/2002: Politics:   Bush 9/11 Photo Substitute (cartoon)

05/17/2002: Misc:       Biggest Failures and Flops in Fast Food

05/17/2002: Outrages: Stripper Mom: Jesus Loves Premium Lap Dances

05/17/2002: Outrages: Stripper Mom: Maligned Pastor Replies

05/17/2002: Politics:   Terror Warnings: Who Knew What When?

05/17/2002: Politics:  Bush Administrations Wants "No Investigations into 9/11"

05/16/2002: Politics:   Big Brother Is Watching, and Listening To You

05/16/2002: Outrages: Bush Had Secret Warnings of Plane Hijackings Pre 9/11

05/15/2002: Heart:    60% of Workers Have Office Flings

05/15/2002: Soul:     Mark Morford: Dolphins On The Brain

05/15/2002: Humor: The Sad Demise Of The Regis Joke

05/15/2002: Misc:    Uh, Dude, the Dell guy is Accessorizing

05/14/2002: Humor:  Don Asmussen: Electronic Ab Belts, Smiley faces & Oracle gifts

05/14/2002: Misc:     Pentagon Set to use Bomb-Sniffing Killer Bees

05/14/2002: Security: Hackers Usually Make Clean Getaway by Wiping Logs

05/14/2002: Security: Latest Privacy Threat: Monitor Glow

05/10/2002: Soul:      Judge Rejects Bush Mountain-Top Mining Go-Ahead

05/10/2002: Politics: Blue Elephant's (GOP) Working Blue

05/09/2002: Misc:    TV Reporter Rescued Filming "Get Out Alive" Feature

05/09/2002: Misc:    Artist Freeway Prank went Unnoticed but Now Appreciated

05/09/2002: Body:    Wine May Cure the Common Cold

05/09/2002: Security: Social Engineering: The Human Side of Hacking

05/09/2002: Internet: Web of Distraction: Wasting Time on Computers

05/08/2002: Software: Video Games to Help You Relax

05/08/2002: Misc:    Wax Tipped Brandy Bottle Becoming a Regular on TV, Movies

05/08/2002: Heart:   Mark Morford: Touch Yourself For the Cause

05/08/2002: Misc:      Recent Microbiologists Deaths Are Under the Microscope

05/07/2002: Humor:    Download the Internet: But First Check Your Free Disk Space

05/07/2002: Body:       Jennifer Portnick: Exercising Her Right to Work

05/07/2002: Outrages: Enron Smoking Gun Memo: "Get Shorty" means "Get California"

05/07/2002: Security:   Hi-jacked Web Surfers, Exploited Browser Vunerabilities and Malicious Spyware

05/05/2002: Politcs:      Osama bin Laden: Amazing Actions

05/03/2002: Heart:        Butt-Cleavage: Not Just For Plummers Anymore

04/26/2002: Security:    Spyware and Computer Security Issues

04/26/2002: Security:    Another Hollings Law Protecting Spyware This Time

04/26/2002: Security:    Latest Outrages: Browser Hi-Jackings and LOP Spyware

04/25/2002: Security:    Radlight Adware Removes Spyware Cleanser Ad-aWare Program, If Present

04/25/2002: Soul:          High Noon: High Dudgeon

04/25/2002: Security:    Dr Damn Turns Tables on Some Music Spyware by Gutting Tracking Modules