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Here are bookmarks to various places and people where Al Macintyre has found Radio Documentation.  Only a handful have been thoroughly explored by Al, so no doubt this directory will be a living document with periodic updates.  Al's interests also tend to shift as Al journeys over the learning curves of Radio Userland.  There are a few things here that are not exactly documentation.  In time I may split this story into sub-topics.  It is a hard judgement call when something gets to be excessively long as opposed to having all this kind of thing in one place.

Normally on my home page I am scrupulously careful to say that person A sent this to person B to C to D and then to me, but here I am not going to even attempt to credit where I found the links to which people, I am just going to do raw links, identify the person providing the services, and link to them.  While exploring one person's documentation and Radio Tips we find links to other people, and after a while I tend to lose track of who should be credited for originally finding me which other people. 

By using indented bulleted lists on each of these guys, I can clarify what's on each person, and even use some of the same terminology.  Many of these people have a directory similar to mine - I will try to give that first on each person, since lots of updates will occur there.  When we have not been to someone site recently we may miss a lot of new good stuff.

Sequence here is reverse alphabetical surname so the people listed last in other people lists are first in mine, for a change in pace and who most likely to be looked at first.  However, within a person where I have links to some of their documents, the stuff is sequenced by what we might want to look at first beginner stuff, second, etc. more advanced.

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