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Questions on Age of Access

Here are your choice of questions - please work on 2 of them 1/2 to 2/3 of a Page - please give me your opinion.

Send your work to me at by 10am Next Wednesday 22 Jan

  1. "In the new network economy what is really being bought and sold are ideas and images" - Discuss
  2. "Being able to control the ideas of commerce rather than just the tools, operating processes and products gives the new genre of global corporate suppliers an advantage unmatched in economic history" - Discuss
  3. "In the event that you can maintain that relationship and nurture it over time you could over years sell toys for older children, school clothing and supplies, family vacations, video games, CD's and even financial services to a family looking ahead for college expenses" Discuss
  4. "Cultural life, because it is a shared experience between people, always focuses on questions of access and inclusion" Discuss
  5. "In an era in which access to experience becomes even more coveted than ownership of property, The new cultural intermediaries become the gatekeepers between the individual and the cultural experiences they seek" Discuss
  6. "The metamorphosis of human beings from being productive workers and informed consumers to informed performers represents a great chang in human relations" Discuss
  7. "The shift from geographic markets to cyber space...opens up a new way to organize human relationships" Discuss
  8. "If there is an Achilles heel to the new age, it probably lies in the misguided belief that commercially directed relationships and electronically mediated networks can substitute for traditional relationships and communities" Discuss
  9. "Mow we are moving from industrial to cultural capitalism, the work ethos is slowly giving way to the play ethos" Discuss


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