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What is really going on beneath the surface? What is the nature of the bifurcation that is unfolding? That's what interests me.

The Experience Economy - George Por's View

George Por's View of the Experience Economy

The "experience economy" framework of value creation is presented in the table below.

The New Competitive Landscape



The material is the offering


The product is the offering


The operation is the offering


The event is the offering


The individual is the offering


New substances are discovered

New inventions are developed

New procedures are devised

New scripts are depicted

New aims are determined


Extracting is the core activity of the trader

Making is the core activity of the manufacturer

Delivering is the core activity of the provider

Staging is the core activity of the stager

Guiding is the core activity of the elicitor


A poor site triggers further exploration

A problem triggers fixing of a mistake

A reaction triggers a response

Forgetting triggers preservation of memory

A relapse triggers stronger resolve


A trade connects in markets

A transaction connects with users

An interaction connects with clients

An encounter connects with guests

Persevering connects with aspirants


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