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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Maryland's unequal assault law values dogs over police officers MD Currently, assaulting a police dog in Maryland earns a felony crime charge while the assault of a police officer only earns a misdemeanor... even if the officer is disabled for life. [Home Town Annapolis]

Proof of dog bites to include teeth marks MD Montgomery County, Maryland, may broaden its dog bite laws so that potentially dangerous dogs may be quarantined, even if their bites didn't require stitches... [Business Gazette]

Friday, February 04, 2005

'In all cases, the reason why dogs develop issues is they're lacking exercise or leadership [from their human companions] or sometimes both.. ' Cesar Millan aka the dog whisperer, SignOnSanDiego.com]

Dog blogs: Doggy woggy photo blog, The Terriorists, The Dawg Blawg

Animal Rescue Site: sells merchandise for dogs and their humans:. "Over 10 million animals are put to death every year in the US alone because they are unwanted, abandoned, or abused... "  Supposedly, just clicking on the ads will help save dogs...

while searching Google, this sidebar ad caught my eye...

Searching for Dog?
"We'll Pay You $300 Right Now
To Take A Quick Dog Survey!
HighPaySurveys.com "
[ paid Ad on Google search]

I didn't sign up...  check out their google listed links especially...

"//www.ahwa.org/jesus.html - Probably fake survey promising to pay $300 for taking a survey about Jesus. The first question is name and email, after submitting it says "Server misconfigured". [chat11.com: religious]

The snow's melting... finally. Dog companions beware! Before you shovel snow, put your pet INSIDE the house. This morning, I almost accidentally swiped one of my dogs with my snow shovel! I could just kick my myself.... what a stupid thing to do.  An article from the Baltimore Sun two years ago, illustrates the dangers...

 'pets were pummeled with shovels, smacked by snowboards and snowplows, lost for hours in snowdrifts and even shot.... the most common problems were frostbite and injuries inflicted by snow-covered objects, which the dogs had trouble seeing and smelling. ' [Baltimore Sun, Feb 23, 2003]

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