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Thursday, April 08, 2004

 img10thumb.jpgAdopt Mikey, the sweetest chow chow, ... MD We will have Mikey in a foster home in Maryland by the end of the week. Here's your chance to get the best dog in the world. Mikey is a gorgeous, happy, playful, quiet chow chow. I spent a day with him and never heard him bark once. My groomer had him playing with her little terrier, a rat-sized barky dog. She thought he was a 'one in a million' dog because 'his temperment is so docile and sweet. He let me trim his nails, cut his mats out and smiled while I did it...'

Click here to send an email to the editor of this weblog. If you are interested, please write me Click here to send an email to the editor of this weblog., so I can arrange a visit for you... We want the perfect home for the perfect dog. Chows need play time with people and pets and more grooming than the average dog. 


dog_79b_.jpgAdopt Tamera... MD/DC Tamera, an 8 month old sheppard mix, was found guarding another dog on a freeway in  Clinton, Maryland. She stayed with the dog, guarding it, even though it was deceased, killed in a car accident 4 days earlier. Anna Maria: "I just picked her up and brought her to the vet. She is kennlled now. She is very friendly with people and children, but not with all pets; some she likes; some she doesn't. She needs testing in a home environment, not a small kennel.  Hope you can help....' 

Please call Anna Maria at 301 868 0146 in Clinton, Maryland, if you can help adopt, foster or donate to find Tamera a home...