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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Google releases new scholarly research service:  Animal Shelters, animal advocacy groups and non-profits will find this service to search scholarly work on the web invaluable. Examples:

A Google scholar search for "canine study dog" reveals 40,000+ scholarly papers, many readily downloadable as html and pdf  (Adobe) files. Many of the remaining papers can be located at libraries...

A Google scholar search for "animal shelter" reveals 401 papers, a veritable gold-mine for animal shelters to research pressing  problems: emerging diseases in the shelter environment, the risk factors for surrendering pets to an animal shelter, management issues and more...

Hooray for Google. Google Scholar has enormous potential to save us from our past mistakes, and pave the way to create better animal shelters in the future... [Yahoo! News]

Followup: The Big Bang! Google Scholar: 'My antennae are tingling--actually, clanging is more accurate. I think Google Scholar is (to use a really over-used phrase) a paradigm shift.'. [Scanblog.blogspot.com] (I tried to post a comment back to this blog by the 3 OCLC Online Computer Library Center staff, but blogger.com was down for upgrades... everything seems to be down today).

My comment is this: yes, yes, yes... Alane got it exactly right! I saw what Google Scholar could do for us, the little folk, who are struggling with very difficult issues, life and death issues, not just for animals, but for people too...

and I thought, gee, I GET this, why not make a real world example of it, so everyone else, those of us who aren't brilliant librarians, can GET it too. Google Scholar can change the world! and I can help to point the way... knowledge is power, leveraging knowledge to your goals is even more powerful. Thanks, google! and Alane: you made my day. Subscribed to the feedburner 3 OCLC  news feed.