Groove Interop Tool for Radio

This tool enables a connection between Radio Userland and Groove 2.5. The tool demonstrates the use of Groove Web Services with Radio Userland.



  • Shutdown Radio Userland.
  • Download the grooveInterop.root file (~ 900 kb), and drop it in your Radio Userland tools directory.
  • Start Radio Userland.
  • Add two (2) Discussion Tools and one (1) Files Tool to a Groove space (the tools you will use in setup). If you want to use an existing Discussion Tool, then make sure the Discussion is empty before running setup (otherwise existing entries in the Discussion Tool will be sent to your Radio weblog, which yields unexpected results...).
  • Finally setup the grooveInterop tool.


  • add the following macro to your post to list upstreamed files from a Groove Files Tool:
    • <%grooveInteropSuite.html.listFiles()%>
  • add the following macro to list all space-members:
    • <%grooveInteropSuite.html.listSpaceMembers()%>


  • Large files (>1 Mb) retrieved from a Groove Files Tool will not be upstreamed, because Radio Userland has a limit on the number of bytes that may be upstreamed to the cloud.


Bug reports:

Version History:

  • v0.5 - februari 11, 2003
    • The tool now uses Groove Events (In previous versions all entries in the 'Blog Discussion' where being read every minute).
    • Fixed a bug: the space-member list was only updated after setup.
  • v0.4 - februari 6, 2003
    • Fixed a bug: only the first identity of a Groove-account was found.
  • v0.3 - februari 2, 2003
    • Added use of the IdentityURL in the Groove SOAP-header
  • v0.2 - januari 14, 2003
    • Fixed some bugs in the tool's setup
  • v0.1 - december 12, 2002
    • Initial release
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