a travel log
From France to Scotland by sea.

How is this web log organized?

Although this is pretty straightforward, I thought I would write a short paragraph or two on how this log is organized.

The first thing you see when you arrive at the log is the "home page". On this page you will find the log entries for the last 7 days, with the last entry at the top. The idea behind this organization is that you can immediately see if anything has changed since the last time you checked the site. Also if you check daily then you only need to read the first entry!

What about entries that are older than 7 days? This is where the little calendar on the right comes in: by clicking on any day in the calendar, you get the entry for that particular day. That way, if you wanted to, you could click your way to the first entry of this log (May 3rd), and then click through the trip, each page showing only that day's entry.

So, to start reading from the start, click on "Home" in places to go, then click your way through the calendar.


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