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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Headlines about Our Planet Earth at War ... Peace is just a break to rearm between conflicts ... I need these links on a map of the world, so I can see if there is any place on the planet with lower than average density of war news, but for some of us, our focus is the war on terrorism and our immediate involvement, like it or not, in an abundance of upcoming conflicts. has  pages of links to stories of current war on Earth, with about 65 links on each page, excluding first and last, but I killed my print file before it hit 20 pages that seemed to be going on forever, which by Al SWAG comes to well over 1,000 links to all sorts of stories:

  • Russians seem to have very high rate of fratricide.
  • The usual mess in Israel Palestine
  • The usual troubles over Iraq.
  • al-Qaeda suspects are the loot that courts in different countries fighting over who gets jurisdiction
  • Afghan police seize 100 rockets in raid at house in Kabul.
  • Various nations perceived to be doing things that destabilize their regions, causing cascade of actions by other nations.
  • Every nation is involved in Arms sales of one kind or another.
  • USA to join Taiwan wargames for first time since 1979.
  • Civil Wars around the planet, but more in Africa.
  • Various nations deny that they have weapons of mass destruction, or are developing them.
  • Russia, Canada, and other nations want to be part of the USA Star Wars.
  • Lots of ships colliding around the world.
  • Puerto Rico no longer wants to be a Military Welfare state, so the business is being taken to Australian and other ends of the Earth.
  • Lots of news out of Turkey about their growing influence in their part of the world.

SWAG = Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

2:08:16 PM has news about military stuff going into orbit and being prepared for future conflicts involving higher and higher military high tech

  • spy satellite development
  • Japan's unmanned spy plane
  • Advances in unmanned air vehicles such as robot helicopters
  • Missile Defense System ... Republican controlled US Gov is GO GO GO on this, before Democrats get control again and shoot it down again

1:33:40 PM has wide spectrum of news on space and science in general.

1:17:52 PM    

I lost all my news aggregation in a PC lock up.
1:06:23 PM    

Julian Goh suggests we browse this site which releases news every minute
12:52:40 PM    

Sunday, January 05, 2003

I have been swamped at my day job the last couple weeks, and expect situation to continue for immediate future.
12:49:03 PM    

Monday, December 16, 2002

I started post here today with my idea for e Bounty Hunting of spammers, virus creators, and other e-unwanteds.
2:09:43 AM    

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