Greensboro blog conference FAQ


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What is Converge?

It's a blog conference in Greensboro, North Carolina, Saturday, October 8, 2005, on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University...Preceded by a journalism and new media conference on Friday, October 7 that is hosted by the A&T journalism department.

How much does it cost?

The conference is free to the public. We'll even feed you lunch. That's all due to the generosity of local foundations, businesses, individuals, and A&T.

What is the format?

This is an "unconference" of the sort pioneered by Dave Winer at his seminal BloggerCons. A session leader with expertise in a given area gets things rolling, and serves as instigator, traffic cop, and referee...but there is no "audience," just a room full of potential contributors. It's bloglike, with the assumption that intelligence and information are distributed around the room.

What is this "creativity" stuff about?

Well, "Just do it" was taken...This is a conference about doing things on the web -- video blogging and podcasting, political activism and media criticism, governance and journalism and personal expression...not just talking about that kind of stuff, philosophizing about the possibilities...but making it happen.

And the "...for all people"?

The web is for everyone, we wanted this conference to be for everyone -- not by making the program about diversity, but by living it, with session leaders from a variety of backgrounds and points of view. We're proud to be holding at historic A&T, too.

Who are the session leaders and what are they going on about?

Duncan Black (Atrios) Policing the media

Michael Bowen (Cobb) Building a creative persona

Tiffany Brown Outsider blogging

Sandy Carmany Blogging in elected office

Amanda Congdon Vid-blogs

Hossein (Hoder) Derakhshan Global view

Herb Everett Podcasting 101

Mickey McLean (Carolina Christian Conservative) Faith blogging

Ruby Sinreich Political activism

Roch Smith Jr. Building a local community

Jimmy Wales Massive collaboration

Dave Winer What tools do we want next?

UPDATE: Conference blog tells all

What else might I do in Greensboro?

There's the Journalism conference the day before...a music festival downtown on Friday and Saturday nights...a block party hosted by local bloggers for conference attendees on Friday night...a beautiful and historic city to explore...and the fall splendor of the Carolina Piedmont to enjoy.

How do I sign up?

Just click here and let the web work its magic....capacity is not unlimited, so get your spot today.