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  Sunday, October 26, 2003

New Blog Digs:

I'm finally making good on year and a half old threats and leaving

The mechanics of the affair are a bit nuts at the moment, but I"m working towards a solution that's "kinder and gentler" both on my head and the new server.

So here 'goes:
The new RSS feed:
The new Blog homepage:

Update accordingly.  I won't be back.

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  Saturday, October 25, 2003

I was all excited to get up early this morning and drive down to the apple store in westchester to pick up panther. (Of course "early this morning" means any time that's still technically definable as morning.)

But I stopped myself after my morning aggregator read and asked why.

Why do I need on opening day + 1 to go get the latest & greatest apple OS upgrade?

Is it THAT cool?

Am I going to make such spectacular use of it that I can't wait another day?

Am I THAT much of an advertising test monkey?

Yep :-D


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See... last time I went to an SC Happy Hour, it was more or less like the previous time, and the time before that.  I don't mean to make light.  But it's a fairly predictable affair.

Then came Iceland.  The Iceland trip was 25 of us, all SCers.  About  15 of us showed up at this one.  So now there are Galapagos people, Costa Rica people, and Iceland people, with some overlap.

Things are a little different though.  This time there were lots of pockets of conversation I wanted to be in, usually there's only one or two.  No less than 3 times I heard "So I was reading your site, and..."  GAH!  True.  They wouldn't know about it unless I'd given them the url, but still...  seems like some strange crossover.  If you're an SCer (or otherwise know me from meatspace) make no mistake you're quite welcome here.

But it makes me so very conscious of the strength of identity I have online.  Between bloggers, mailing list discussion groups, my various & sundry homes in comp.* and alt.* newsgroups.  IRC, IMing, and yes... EverCrack.  I'm really all the hell over the place.  But until VERY recently there's been a very clear line that's just been there out of circumstance.  Not that I made any particular effort to keep things separate, I mean my name and specific event details are plastered all over this site, so anyone could figure out how to get to me in one sphere from another.  It had just never happened (well... it's probably happened.  Nobody's told me about it though.  I mean hell, I've googled people just for shits & giggles.)

I had the great pleasure to speak with C for some time.  It's the first time we've really talked since June.

All in all a great time.  I was a bit diluted though.  Too many people I wanted to talk to and catch up with.  Even on the trip I only met some of the others briefly, which wasn't good enough.

So I've successfully blown away another opportunity to go to bed before 3:30. (If I wait an extra half-hour, bugs is on.)

Ah well.

Nighty night.

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  Friday, October 24, 2003

Social Circles Happy Hour tonight.  It's becoming quite the schlep to get into town, but I can't wait to see everybody.


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  Thursday, October 23, 2003

Ok.  My resume is ass.  I know it's ass.  But having been at it since I got out of the shower (immediately after the previous post) I'm beginning to think I'm just too damn familiar with what I've done to rewrite it effectively.

So my question:  Has anybody used resume rewriting services, such as the one on  They charge a fair amount of money and seem really anonymous, but if it'll get it done there's a very broad range on what's "too much". But the prices (in the $150 range) make it prohibitive to just try several.

My fear (...well... amongst my fears...) is that the open ended gap since leaving TradeWeb (in 5/2002) has made me all but completely unemployable.


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I hate it when I get like this.  And I hate it even more when I see it coming.

I'm in a massive productivity funk.  There's a thousand thousand things I OUGHT be doing.

The abbreviated, sanitized for public consumption version:

  • Job Hunting
  • Resume Rewriting
  • Transferring files to
  • Tying up loose ends from Brooklyn
  • emailing people with whom I've let friendships slide.
  • No less than 6 "High Priority" dev projects
  • No less than a baker's dozen low-priority dev projects
  • Getting my suit (singular) dry cleaned
  • Creating copies of CD-ROMs of Iceland pictures for the post-vacation get together/social circles happy hour tomorrow night.
  • Shaving
  • Food shopping (down to 1 gatorade and 1/4 bag of guac flavored doritos)
  • Figure out where I'm gonna pull the $4k I owe Jersey state taxes.
  • writing.  No no.  I mean fiction stuff that's been kicking around in my head.
  • Laundry (This pair of Old Navy Ghost pajama bottoms is gettin a little ... uhm... ok, well maybe alot.)
  • practicing guitar
  • Work on that cute little Flash MX thingie I started a couple weeks ago (oh come on.  Flash isn't software development.  No no sparky it's not.  Yeah, whatever.  I support your right to be wrong.)
  • Finding a friggin Dojo already.

Things I ought NOT be doing:

  • Fantasizing about what I'm gonna do when I hit the lottery that I don't play 'cause it's a tax on people who are bad at math.
  • Listening to TATU.
  • Fiending for tonight's TriGun
  • Writing this.

It's all well and good to make grand proclamations about what you promise yourself and the rest of the universe you're going to achieve.  But it don't get it done.

I've stacked so much up against myself that it seems as though nothing I can do will make a dent. 

Gah.  I know better.  Yet here I sit.

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