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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Do you ever agonize over the possibility that someone, somewhere is having a better time than you? Perhaps you're cleaning your toilet when you suddenly imagine that an ex-flame is, at that very same moment, locked in the rapturous embrace of a significantly more exciting individual than yourself? Happens to us all the time. It's really not that surprising either, when you consider the circumstances:

After installing Service Pack 1 for Windows XP, we found that hitting the Enter key near a BR tag was a reliable way to crash IE 6.0, which is somewhat unfortunate, since signatures and the like often contain BR tags, so we fixed that, but in so doing introduced a bug that caused the cursor to skip down to the bottom of an email whenever you pasted some text into the message, so then we fixed that too.

After introducing the calendaring feature, we were chagrined to discover that IE 5.5 crashed roughly one out of every 60 times we logged into Oddpost. We still have no idea why, but after moving this here, and that there, the problem is fixed, in its own special way.

After doing everything in our power to make Oddpost's dialog box text look the same on every machine, we still received reports of the text in the Spam Settings... dialog covering the OK/Cancel buttons. What kind of sick, sick machines would have the audacity to ignore our CSS? Hopefully it's the kind that there are only two of, but just in case, we fixed this too.

Reply All including yourself? Not anymore. Dying to put apostrophes in the name of distribution lists but frustrated that they don't work when you click on them in the address book listing? Hogan's Heroes away, friend. Seeing 'null' before contact names in the To: dialog after importing your Outlook address book that happened to contain some contacts that had email addresses but no first/last name data? A fond memory.

So how often do you clean your toilet?
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