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robertshaw.info references to electronic numbering (ENUM).

daily link  04 April 2003

ITU Overview and ENUM Presentation

Here's the presentation (PowerPoint, PDF) I made last week to the GAC at the Rio de Janiero ICANN meeting. It gives an overview of the ITU, changes in the telecom sector, its impact on the ITU, and ITU's activities related to IP-based networks and the Internet. I also made a presentation on ITU's perspectives on ENUM (Powerpoint, PDF) in an open ICANN session.

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daily link  17 December 2002

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daily link  04 December 2002

daily link  08 July 2002


A new Internet draft, The E.164 to URI DDDS Application, has been published. This forms the basis of a document intended to replace RFC 2916, which describes the ENUM protocol.

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daily link  04 July 2002

Nom de Domaine 2002 in Paris

I'm on my flight back from Paris where I participated in Nom de Domaine 2002 (in English, Domain Name 2002), which supposedly will become an annual event. ISOC France and Cigref, the organizers, brought together quite a number of speakers for an interesting programme and workshops. I gave a talk (PowerPoint) this morning in a session on internationalized domain names and ENUM. I'm told that all the presentations and speeches given will eventually become available on the conference web site. Last night, the organizers hosted a dinner in a restaurant near the Champs-Elysées which helped the speakers to get to know each other. It was interesting to see many of the same people in last week's ICANN meeting in Bucharest, the World Summit on the Information Society preparatory meetings in Geneva, and at this meeting in Paris.

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daily link  25 June 2002

PSO General Assembly Meeting

Bret Fausett's reports that that archives of last week's meeting of the ICANN Protocol Supporting Organization's annual General Assembly are now available from the PSO web site. The archives include links to the presentations and an audio recording available in RealAudio format. [icann.Blog] I could also add this includes an update on ENUM from the Chairman of ITU-T Study Group 2.

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