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robertshaw.info references to dealing with unsolicited email.

daily link  22 April 2003

daily link  16 April 2003

Australian Government versus SPAM

The Australian National Office for the Information Economy has released a report containing a series of recommendation for addressing the growing problem of SPAM (press release here). Nice to see there is also recognition of the need for multilateral cooperation: "Australia should work with the OECD, APEC and other relevant multilateral bodies."

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daily link  11 April 2003

War on SPAM

Post on VentureBlog about the war on SPAM. "On the Spam blocking side, there is an undeniable need for services like Postini, MailFrontier, BrightMail and many other companies."

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daily link  06 March 2003

AOL's ramped-up antispam program stops 1 billion spams daily

A Computerworld article says "Two weeks after beefing up its antispam efforts on behalf of its members, America Online Inc. said today that it has blocked as many as 1 billion spam e-mails in a single day, up from the average 780 million spam messages a day it was blocking in mid-February."

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daily link  03 March 2003

Net Gurus Rally Anti-Spam Forces

Net Gurus Rally Anti-Spam Forces. The Internet Research Task Force forms a new offshoot whose sole goal is to document the magnitude of the junk e-mail problem -- and do what it takes to fix it. By Justin Jaffe. [Wired News]

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daily link  11 February 2003

US FTC to Hold Three Day Public Spam Workshop

The [US] Federal Trade Commission will host a three-day "Spam Forum" Wednesday, April 30 through Friday, May 2, [2003] to address the proliferation of unsolicited commercial e-mail and to explore the technical, legal, and financial issues associated with it.

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daily link  24 January 2003

Korea Tightens SPAM Regulations

The Korean Ministry of Information and Communication announced on January 20, 2003, that it will adopt a set of measure to tighten regulations on those who send unsolicted emails or SPAM.

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