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  The Grid
robertshaw.info references to news related to distributed Grip computing.

daily link  14 May 2003

daily link  07 April 2003

IBM joins CERN openlab for DataGrid applications

News from down the road at CERN on SlashdotIBM & CERN openlab for DataGrid Applications. CERN and IBM today announced that IBM is joining the CERN openlab for DataGrid applications to collaborate in creating a massive data-management system built on Grid computing."

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daily link  27 February 2003

Sony uses Grid Computing for Online Gaming

Sony Is Venturing Into Online Games for Multitudes: "Grid computing, a concept that originated in supercomputing centers, is taking a step toward the mainstream: Sony will announce today that it will use the technology to accelerate its push into the emerging market for online games with thousands of players at a time." [New York Times: Technology]

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daily link  16 January 2003

Business Getting Interested in Grid Computing

Grid Computing Good for Business. Corporations are starting to salivate over grid computing's potential for massive storage and processing power. Its creators -- tech and science geeks -- look forward to a new era. ""Now we're starting to see major industrial players engage in grid computing. That's going to change the nature of what we do." [Wired News]

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daily link  19 December 2002

The Grid

From The Anatomy of the Grid (PDF):

  • "The term "the Grid" was coined in the mid 1990s to denote a proposed distributed computing infrastructure for advanced science and engineering. Considerable progress has since been made on the construction of such an infrastructure, but the term "Grid" has also been conflated, at least in popular perception, to embrace everything from advanced networking to artificial intelligence."
  • "The real and specific problem that underlies the Grid concept is coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in dynamic, multi-institutional virtual organizations."

Also see The Globus Project and the Global Grid Forum.

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