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  Ubiquitous Networks
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daily link  14 April 2003

More News on Ubiquitous ID Center

The TRON Newsletter for March 2003 has a reference to the website for the new Ubiquitous ID Center, which currently has 52 corporate members.

  • "The goal of the Ubiquitous ID Center is to establish and spread the infrastructure technologies for automatically recognizing "things," thus allowing for the creation of ubiquitous computing environments. This has been a long standing goal of the TRON Project since it was officially launched in 1984, and Ubiquitous IDs (uIDs) are essential components for realizing them. These infrastructure technologies include not just the specifications of chips for radio frequency identification and/or contact/non-contact smart cards, but also those for reader devices plus a 128-bit identification numbering scheme, the numbers for which will be allotted by the Ubiquitous ID Center. Validation testing of the electronic IDs is scheduled to begin in April, the Ubiquitous ID Center said."

Nikkei Electronics Asia also has excerpts from an interview with Professor Sakamura on Creating an Open Standard for RFID Tag Chips.

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Ubiquitious Networks Links

A collection of links related to Ubiquitous Networks. I'll keep them here.

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daily link  10 April 2003

daily link  07 April 2003

Ubiquitous Networks, RFIDs and Silent Commerce

Silent Commerce is Accenture's take on ubiquitous networks, using "tagging, tracking, sensing and actuating technologies to make everyday objects intelligent and interactive. When combined with continuous Internet connectivity, a new infrastructure for the collection of data and for the delivery of services can take place without human interaction". Accenture has authored some white papers with the Auto-ID Center, who I mentioned in Ubiquitious Networks & RFIDs.

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daily link  03 April 2003

Ubiquitious Networks & RFIDs

In the Asia-Pacific region in particular, there is increasing discussion around the concept of Ubiquitous Networks and "ubiquitous communications". The term "ubiquitous comes from the Latin "ubique", meaning "everywhere". Although it is still an evolving concept, the vision is a pervasive information infrastructure of interconnected devices where computing, content, and network resources become transparent to users (if you saw the film "Minority Report", it gives you an idea of what a ubiquitous networked world may resemble). Ubiquitous communications will mean the constant presence of networks that permit interacting and exchanging information with anybody, anywhere, any time and with many types of equipment, typically using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies.

RFID standardization work has been going on in the Auto-ID Center, which involves a number of companies, MIT (US), the University of Cambridge (UK) and the University of Adelaide (Australia). Recently, the RFID Journal announced a new Japanese-backed Ubiquitous ID Center, indicating it was a potential rival to the Auto-ID Center. The piece The Auto-ID vs. the Ubiquitous ID vs. ? from Professor Ken Sakamura's TRON laboratories at Tokyo University explains the differences between the two initiatives.

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