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robertshaw.info references to wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), shorthand for the IEEE 802.11b standard

daily link  22 May 2003

daily link  12 April 2003

Enter the MAN (802.16a) Haters

Enter the MAN Haters. Interesting different perspective on the 802.16a standard. Obviously much more here than meets the eye. [Unstrung]

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daily link  11 April 2003

Tutorials on OFDM

802.11 Planet as a couple of tutorials on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing: OFDM: Old Technology for New Markets and OFDM's New Uses.

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daily link  10 April 2003


The purpose of the WiMAX Forum is to promote deployment of broadband wireless access networks by using a global standard and certifying interoperability of products and technologies. This includes:

  • Support IEEE 802.16 standard
  • Propose and promote access profiles for ther IEEE 802.16 standard
  • Certify interoperability levels both in network and the cell
  • Achieve global acceptance
  • Promote use of broadband wireless access overall

Also see this related article at 802.11 Planet.

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daily link  08 April 2003

Roaming between Wi-Fi and GSM Networks

The Register has a piece: Roaming from wireless LAN to phone network discussing that t-net, developer of the Swiss-based WeRoam service, got together with Transat and Performance Technologies to demonstrate (registration required) seamless roaming between Wi-Fi and GSM networks at the recent 3GSM Congress.

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daily link  07 April 2003

Wireless Frontier: the Phone

Silicon Valley Hikes Wireless Frontier ""People see the PC as played out, and they are looking for new technology platforms to build new businesses on...". "We're on the cusp of the mobile Internet experience, but the key is going to be making sure the technological architecture of this world is open" [New York Times: Technology]

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daily link  13 February 2003

More on Wireless Mesh Networks

Mesh Less Cost of Wireless: A group of wireless enthusiasts provide a town in western England with Internet access at a fraction of the usual cost. They use a device that supplies hundreds of users with broadband piped from a single connection. [Wired News]

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