Telecoms, Internet and Convergence


October 18, 2001 (Cancun, Mexico): Challenges for Regulators: Some ITU Resources, PowerPoint 7, Connect 2001

October 17, 2001 (Cancun, Mexico): Internet Challenges and IP Telephony, PowerPoint 7, Connect 2001

September 26-28, 2001 (Berlin, Germany): IP Telephony, PowerPoint 7, ECTRA-APRII Meeting

June 5, 2001 (London, UK): Global ENUM Implementation, PowerPoint 7, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) ENUM Workshop

June 1-2, 2001 (Stockholm, Sweden): ENUM Implementation, PowerPoint 7, ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee

May 15-17, 2001 (Phuket, Thailand): Issues Facing the Internet Domain Name System, PowerPoint 7, Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Regulation Forum

May 11, 2001 (Geneva, Switzerland): The ITU and the Internet, PowerPoint 7, Baker & McKenzie, European Telecommunications Law Practice Group

September 25, 2000 (Geneva, Switzerland): ITU Activities Related to the Internet and IP-based Networks, PowerPoint 7, Strategy and Policy Unit Retreat

September 21, 2000 (Geneva, Switzerland): Mobile Internet and its Impact on Interconnection (with Tim Kelly), PowerPoint 7, Fixed-Mobile Interconnection Workshop

September 1, 2000 (Geneva, Switzerland): Overview of ITU Technical Activities related to the Internet & E-Commerce, PowerPoint 7, Presentation to Chinese Delegation

July 18, 2000 (Geneva, Switzerland): Overview of ITU Internet and IP-Related Activities, PowerPoint 7, Presentation to Michigan State University “Telecommunications in Europe” Summer programme 2000

July 16, 2000 (Tokyo, Japan): Security e-Information Technology Summit, Remarks for Panel Session

April 4, 2000 (Geneva, Switzerland): Information Session: Overview of ITU Internet and IP-Related Activities,PowerPoint 7, ITU Working Group on Reform.

January 31, 2000 (London, England): Telcos in the Internet-based Economy, PowerPoint 7, E-Telcos Conference.

October 11, 1999 (Paris, France): The Internet: Mind the Gap and accompanying PowerPoint 7 presentation, Public Voice in Electronic Commerce, OECD.

October 4, 1999 (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina): Opening Remarks and The Global Internet Economy and accompanying PowerPoint 7 presentation, Sarajevo 1999 International Symposium on Internet and Information Systems.

August 24, 1999 (Santiago, Chile): Reflection on Governments, Governance and Sovereignty in the Internet Age, Version 1.0, ICANN Meeting.

September 21, 1999 (Hong Kong SAR): Evolution of Global Telecommunications Systems, PowerPoint 7, Presentation to ICM Telecommunications 2000 Forum.

July 22, 1999 (Cayman Islands): Internet: Challenges to the Network, PowerPoint 7, Presentation to Caribbean Telecommunication Union (CTU) 5th Annual Policy Seminar.

March 2, 1999 (Singapore): Internet Statistics (+explanation of ISO 3166-based TLDs), PowerPoint 7, Presentation to ICANN-GAC.

November 25, 1998 (Brussels, Belgium): DNS Public Policy Issues, PowerPoint 7, Presentation to EC-POP Meeting with ICANN Directors.

November 13, 1998 (Geneva, Switzerland): Internet Domain Names, PowerPoint 7, Presentation to ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency

November 11, 1998 (Geneva, Switzerland): Internet Addressing,PowerPoint 7, Presentation to ITU-T Study Group 2

November 4, 1998 (Geneva, Switzerland): Internet Naming, PowerPoint 7, Presentation to ITU-T Study Group 2

July 22, 1998 (Geneva, Switzerland): Internet Governance: Herding Cats and Sacred Cows, Speech at INET 98 

January 22, 1998 (Washington, D.C., USA): Evolving Internet DNS Administration: Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU), PowerPoint 7, Presentation at DNS Information Session

November 25, 1997 (Brussels, Belgium): Evolving Internet DNS Administration: Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU), PowerPoint 95, European Information meeting with the interim Policy Oversight Committee (iPOC)

April 14, 1997 (Washington, D.C., USA): Enhancing Global Domain Name Administration: Report of the IAHC, PowerPoint 95, US Federal Networking Council Advisory Committee

November 6, 1996 (Washington, D.C., USA): Internet Domain Names: Issues and Evolution, PowerPoint, Working Group on Intellectual Property, Interoperability, and Standards, US Advisory Committee on International Communications and Information Policy

September 9-10, 1996 (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA): Internet Domain Names: Whose Domain is This?, Coordination and Administration of the Internet

October 1995 (Geneva, Switzerland): Satellite-Based Global Personal Communication Systems: An Analysis from Telecom 95, Microsoft Word 7.0

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