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Dienstag, 9. März 2004

sunBow homepage moved

New versions and information about sunBow can be found in future on this page:


4:58:01 PM    

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2003

Bug Fix for Cocoon Debugger

The debugger had problems with sub-sitemaps. This fix should solve this.Copy the jar to WEB-INF/lib.

10:54:05 AM    

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2003

sunBow 2.0 available for download

The new sunBow version is now available for download. It is tested with eclipse 2.1.1. Eclipse 3.0 is not supported yet. Following features has been added:

  • Cocoon Debugger: Stepping through the sitemap. Trace the XML stream and sitemap variables.
  • Log-Level editor for logkit.xconf
  • Log Viewer: A viewer for log files. Can be configured by regular expressions.
  • Extended the XML schema for the sitemap with the new flow elements.
  • Alternative tag closer in the XML editor
10:24:01 AM    

Montag, 29. September 2003

Download Server online again

We had to reorganize some servers. So the download was offline for some days. But now it works again. Sorry for the interruption.

3:47:23 PM    

Montag, 31. März 2003

eclipse 2.0.x / eclipse 2.1

Some remarks to the version dependency of sunBow and eclipse:

sunBow 1.0 works only with eclipse 2.1.

If you are not able to upgrade eclipse you have to use sunBow 0.6. Download if from here. For this version a licence is required. A licence that does not expire can be found here.

1:29:26 PM    

Freitag, 28. März 2003

sunBow 1.0

The S&N sunBow team are proud to announce version 1.0. This free version is available immediately for download at: In addition to numerous bug-fixes, the new version now also supports sub-sitemaps and no longer requires a licence key.

sunBow is a collection of Eclipse (2.1) plugins that make it easier to develop Cocoon based applications and XML solutions in general.

  * XML editor
    - completition proposals from associated schema
    - well formed check on save
    - automatic insertion of closing tags
    - formatting of the XML content

  * XSLT development
    - XSLT transformation
    - transformation trace

  * Cocoon
    - dialog orientated sitemap editor with drag and drop support
      and validation against a sitemap schema
    - management of sitemap fragments
    - configuration of the log level in logkit.xconf

  * Web application
    - deployment: automatic tracking of changes
    - testing: Apache Latka tests can be executed


9:58:37 AM    

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2003


A licence for sunBow 0.6 can be downloaded here. It is valid until 31.3.03


11:09:30 AM    

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