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Reed Between The Lines

  Saturday, October 19, 2002

ISS to host World Series first pitch. The International Space Station will be home to the ceremonial first pitch of the 2002... []
7:17:17 AM    

Seeds of Protest Growing on College Campuses. As the threat of military action against Iraq looms, students across the country are talking about the possibility of war, and the first stirrings of an antiwar movement are emerging. By Tamar Lewin. [New York Times: Education]
5:56:16 AM    

Washington Post: US To Combat Train Iraqi Dissidents. VOA Oct 19 2002 4:42AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:56:02 AM    

Jim Hoagland: U.S., France teeter on edge over Iraq. Both nations must bend slightly to achieve the time-honored solution to differences between competing allies: There should be no clear winner and no clear loser in this diplomatic tiff. [Arizona Daily Star: Opinion]
5:55:47 AM    

Researchers Say Science Is Hurt by Secrecy Policy Set Up by the White House. The presidents of the National Academies said that the Bush administration was going too far in limiting publication of some scientific research out of concern that it could aid terrorists. By William J. Broad. [New York Times: National]
5:55:10 AM    

Professor's Case: Unlock Crypto. A University of Illinois professor won't stop until cryptography is available free to the American masses. But the government isn't keen on deregulating a technology that helps terrorists and federal agents alike hide information. By Brad King. [Wired News]
5:54:36 AM    

Privacy Czar: Past Haunts Present. A former Clinton administration official in charge of privacy issues warns: If we don't learn from past mistakes, today's anti-terrorism witch hunts could go down as a stain on U.S. history. By Steve Kettmann. [Wired News]
5:54:20 AM    

News of Ex-G.I. in North Korea Only Deepens Mystery. The Army maintains that Charles Robert Jenkins deserted in 1965. He resurfaced this week when his wife, who was kidnapped by North Korea in the 1970's, visited Japan. By James Brooke. [New York Times: National]
5:53:46 AM    

Dark clouds hang over airlines. The airlines are carrying lots of baggage these days. It's just the wrong kind. [Arizona Daily Star: Business]
5:52:40 AM    

Education: Phillys Tough Lessons. Newsweek Oct 18 2002 11:03PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:52:20 AM    

First 'spam' e-mail case draws $100,000 fine. SEATTLE - An Oregon man was ordered Friday to pay nearly $100,000 in the first case brought under Washington's tough law against "spam" e-mails. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
5:51:30 AM    

Photo companies focus on wireless. The technology industry thinks it has the answer to keeping digital photography on its steep growth track--first do away with the PC, then dump the camera. [CNET]
5:51:13 AM    

Social Security checks up 1.4%. WASHINGTON - The 46 million Social Security recipients will get the smallest increase in their benefit checks in four years come January, a 1.4 percent rise that translates to just $13 a month more for the typical retiree. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:50:11 AM    

US seniors face higher Medicare rates for 2003 [Reuters Health eLine]
5:49:53 AM    

Adult drugs needn't be tested for use in kids. WASHINGTON - A federal court threw out rules requiring drug companies to test adult medicines commonly given to children, saying Congress never intended to give the Food and Drug Administration power to require these tests. [Arizona Daily Star: Washington]
5:49:06 AM    

'Retraining' therapy may help ringing in ears [Reuters Health eLine]
5:48:51 AM    

Stressful work tied to heart disease death risk [Reuters Health eLine]
5:48:33 AM    

'Alzheimer's gene' linked to Parkinson's, too [Reuters Health eLine]
5:48:18 AM    

North Carolina, Michigan Were Top-Selling Universities This Summer. Oct 18 2002 10:45PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:47:53 AM    

Robert Louis Stevenson. "A friend is a gift you give yourself." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
5:46:20 AM    

Benjamin Franklin. "Beware of the young doctor and the old barber." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
5:45:56 AM    

Barry LePatner. "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment." [Quotes of the Day]
5:44:43 AM    

Barry Switzer. "Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple." [Quotes of the Day]
5:43:34 AM    

  Friday, October 18, 2002

Saddams Sons: Reckless and Ruthless. Newsweek Oct 18 2002 6:36AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:32:31 AM    

Terror attack risk grave, Tenet warns. WASHINGTON - CIA Director George Tenet told a congressional panel Thursday that the risk of a new terror attack inside the United States is as grave and immediate as it was before the Sept. 11 hijackings, even though U.S. intelligence agencies have vastly expanded their counterterrorism efforts in the past year. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:24:38 AM    

U.S. tones down Iraq resolution. UNITED NATIONS - Seeking to win a new U.N. resolution on Iraq, the United States has removed language explicitly threatening military action, while making clear Baghdad will face consequences if it fails to cooperate with weapons inspectors, diplomats and U.S. officials said Thursday. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:24:25 AM    

"I'm not sure which planet they live on". Hawks in the Bush administration may be making deadly miscalculations on Iraq, says Gen. Anthony Zinni, Bush's Middle East envoy. []
5:24:08 AM    

Peace kooks. The new antiwar movement is in danger of being hijacked by bizarre extremist groups -- and most protesters don't even know it. []
5:23:55 AM    

Officials: Pakistan helped N. Korean nuclear program. WASHINGTON - U.S. intelligence officials have concluded that Pakistan was a major supplier of critical equipment for North Korea's newly revealed clandestine nuclear weapons program, current and former senior officials said on Thursday. [Arizona Daily Star: Washington]
5:23:37 AM    

Terror Turns Real for Horror Site. A message attributed to Osama bin Laden appears buried in the depths of a German horror film fan site. Things turn darker yet when a news service fingers the site as a terrorist mouthpiece. By Michelle Delio. [Wired News]
5:22:51 AM    

Amiri Baraka stands by his words. New Jersey's poet laureate, facing a hailstorm of criticism for his fevered 9/11 poem, tells Salon that 4,000 Israelis really did stay home from the WTC that day. []
5:22:32 AM    

Early Warnings on Moussaoui Are Detailed. The Central Intelligence Agency warned its stations around the world in August 2001 that Zacarias Moussaoui had been arrested in Minnesota after raising suspicion at a flight school. By Philip Shenon. [New York Times: National]
5:21:58 AM    

F.B.I. Paid $7 Million for File on American Spying for Russia. The F.B.I. paid $7 million to a former Russian intelligence officer to smuggle out of Moscow a secret K.G.B. file that unmasked a veteran F.B.I. agent as a spy for Russia. By David Johnston. [New York Times: National]
5:21:20 AM    

Bush giving brother re-election boost. NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. - It is brotherly love as no two other brothers can show it. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
5:21:07 AM    

Cacti-devouring moth is a threat. A non-native moth that's been chewing up cactus in Florida for more than a decade could follow a continuous band of prickly pear into Arizona and Mexico with devastating ecological and economic results. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:20:02 AM    

Lost? Map's On, Not Up, Sleeve. University of Arizona researchers are fine-tuning a nanotechnology that could allow soldiers to see field maps on the fabric of their fatigues. By Louise Knapp. [Wired News]
5:19:34 AM    

IDG: Macworld Expo Will Go On As Planned : Despite a statement given to MacCentral earlier today from Apple saying they didn't agree with the move and would not attend the show, IDG said the shows in New York and Boston would go on as planned. (MacCentral via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]
5:19:14 AM    

Plug and pray: How my wireless experiment went awry. ZDNet Oct 17 2002 9:03PM ET [Moreover - ZDNet]
5:18:38 AM    

Wireless security: not an oxymoron. ZDNet Oct 17 2002 7:09PM ET [Moreover - ZDNet]
5:18:25 AM    

Woz: computer upgrade cycle is leveling off [MacCentral]
5:18:12 AM    

Judge: Schools cheated by state. PHOENIX - State lawmakers illegally diverted $90 million in funds for school building renewal to balance this year's budget, a state judge ruled. [Arizona Daily Star: Arizona West]
5:16:49 AM    

Straight Talk About The Education Market : Apple, particularly Apple Education, is in a death spiral. (Steve Wood via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]
5:16:32 AM    

Downturn takes toll on valley schools. Oct 18 2002 3:52AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:16:13 AM    

Workers, prepare for health-care hit. CHICAGO - Health insurance costs will snag an even bigger chunk of workers' paychecks next year, jumping nearly 30 percent or more as companies ask employees to pick up a larger share of the premium. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
5:14:13 AM    

Study cannot explain rise in autism. Trying to account for a huge rise in childhood autism in recent years, a California study has found that it cannot be explained away by statistical anomalies or by a growing public awareness that might have led more parents to report the disorder. [Arizona Daily Star: Arizona West]
5:13:48 AM    

Maricopa officials seek link in deaths of 2 boys. PHOENIX - Maricopa County health officials are investigating what caused two healthy 5-year-olds to die within hours of each other. [Arizona Daily Star: Arizona West]
5:13:21 AM    

CDC details Florida case of human 'mad cow' disease [Reuters Health eLine]
5:12:32 AM    

Company sued by widow of artifical heart recipient [Reuters Health eLine]
5:12:09 AM    

Despite presidential push, mental health legislation languishes in Congress. AP via New Jersey Online Oct 17 2002 9:22PM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
5:11:46 AM    

Study: Alzheimer's drug can be made safe. Boston Globe Oct 17 2002 1:13PM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
5:11:25 AM    

Some truth about copyright [The Register]
5:10:58 AM    

Digital Radio: Small Guys' Ruin?. Digital radio, set to hit the airwaves this year, could bring big media conglomerates oceans of new business opportunities -- but smaller competitors could drown in the rising tide. By Brad King. [Wired News]
5:10:01 AM    

McCain puts fun before fear for 'Saturday Night Live'. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he didn't hesitate when the producers of "Saturday Night Live" asked him to host Saturday's show. [Arizona Daily Star: Accent]
5:09:41 AM    

NASA investigating bolt problem with Atlantis launch. Shuttle officials are looking into a problem with explosive bolts that failed to fire properly... []
5:09:02 AM    

Engine failure suspected in Soyuz explosion; ISS launch may be delayed. Russian officials believe that an engine on the Soyuz booster launched late Tuesday failed shortly... []
5:08:33 AM    

Astronomers find new evidence for Milky Way black hole. Astronomers announced Wednesday that they have found new evidence supporting the hypothesis that the center... []
5:08:17 AM    

An expert organized youth forum on race. Part Yaqui, Spanish and Mexican, 16-year-old Ricky Triana spoke about race with authority at a youth forum on Thursday. [Arizona Daily Star: Tucson/Metro]
5:07:39 AM    

Killers of 2 entrants likely took survivors, officials say. RED ROCK - The men who fired into a group of illegal border crossers Wednesday, killing two of them, apparently drove off with the survivors. [Arizona Daily Star: Tucson/Metro]
5:07:18 AM    

Wal-Mart-Mexico riles industry. MEXICO CITY - Wal-Mart de Mexico, the retailing giant's largest overseas operation, posted a 13 percent gain in third-quarter sales, and also announced this week that it would quit the country's department store association because of the group's opposition to comparative advertising. [Arizona Daily Star: Business]
5:06:22 AM    

Mexico cracks down on army's 'contaminated' anti-drug unit. Chicago Tribune Oct 17 2002 9:19AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:03:37 AM    

Critter of the week. Name: American Snout aka Libytheana carinenta [Arizona Daily Star: Caliente]
5:00:46 AM    

Fitz: The Last Laugh [Arizona Daily Star: Caliente]
5:00:30 AM    

Epicurus. "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
4:59:00 AM    

Mark Twain. "The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter." [Quotes of the Day]
4:57:59 AM    

Sir Richard Steele. "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." [Quotes of the Day]
4:57:45 AM    

Robert Frost. "The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office." [Quotes of the Day]
4:57:23 AM    

John Blake. "The world tolerates conceit from those who are successful, but not from anybody else." [Quotes of the Day]
4:56:54 AM    

  Thursday, October 17, 2002

Hints, but No Evidence, of Terrorism in Attacks. WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 [~] The methodical cold-bloodedness of the shootings in the Washington area, the inexplicable targeting of victims and the elusiveness of the gunman have stirred speculation that the killings could be the work of a terrorist. By David Johnston and Fox Butterfield. [New York Times: National]
6:52:33 AM    

ACLU Acts Against Patriot Act. The American Civil Liberties Union has had enough of some aspects of the Bush administration's Patriot Act, and it's launching a visible, nationwide campaign against it. By Julia Scheeres. [Wired News]
6:52:19 AM    

Revisiting Florida's Chads, Seeking Lessons and Jokes. "Who Counts?," a look back at the unresolved questions of fairness and procedure that still cling to the 2000 presidential vote in Florida, is a jarring blend of civics lesson and satire. By Ron Wertheimer. [New York Times: National]
6:51:55 AM    

Chancellor Speaks Up for Charter Schools. Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein said on Wednesday that he hoped to create an environment for charter schools in which they "can feel supported and can thrive." By Abby Goodnough. [New York Times: Education]
6:51:41 AM    

One Down, 31,999 to Go: Surrendering to a Solitary Obsession. FreeCell is a highly strategic solitaire game that can be summoned with just a click or two on the desktop. By Ellen Kaye. [New York Times: Technology]
6:51:12 AM    

Internet by Satellite. Living without a high-speed online connection can be onerous. But there is a wireless option: satellite service. By John R. Quain. [New York Times: Technology]
6:50:23 AM    

Consumers Face Tricky Maze in Guarding Privacy. While businesses claim to give customers more control over the use of their personal information, critics say attempts to exercise that control are often frustrated. By John Schwartz. [New York Times: Technology]
6:50:07 AM    

Doing The iPod Suffle : A great invention doesn't just fulfill a need. It changes your life. And the iPod is truly great. (Rolling Stone via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]
6:49:38 AM    

MIT: Smart Tech Ideas Mean Biz. A new center at MIT bridges the gap between academia and business by awarding over $15 million in grants for innovative R & D in biotech, nanotech, IT, energy and more. By Kendra Mayfield. [Wired News]
6:49:24 AM    

A Robotic Pet Gains an Independent Streak. Aibo the robot dog will soon be able to recognize when its batteries are running down and take care of recharging itself without human intervention. By Barnaby Feder. [New York Times: Technology]
6:49:08 AM    

Digital Magic on Broadway. Computers are now offering new technical possibilities and increased precision for Broadway shows. By Jesse Mckinley. [New York Times: Technology]
6:48:54 AM    

Apple gives Jaguar free to K-12 teachers [MacCentral]
6:48:30 AM    

Microsoft patches Mac Word security holes [MacCentral]
6:48:15 AM    

Where 11 Were Found Dead, Much to Draw Them. Immigrants are drawn to Denison, Iowa, by the usual attractions of small-town living: no smog, quiet country nights, and a sense of safety. By John W. Fountain. [New York Times: National]
6:46:33 AM    

No legal casinos for Mexico - official. Online Casino News Oct 17 2002 7:03AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:46:04 AM    

More Mexican Groups Appeal for Crime Control. VOA Oct 16 2002 10:01PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:45:45 AM    

Fox aides to hand over documents in funding probe. CNN Europe Oct 16 2002 9:55PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:45:25 AM    

Passers-By Used Defibrillators Well. Even ordinary people with no special training can save lives with heart-jolting defibrillators, a study at three Chicago airports has found. [New York Times: Health]
6:44:29 AM    

Lumpectomy Is Seen as Equal in Benefit to Removing Breast. Researchers have found that breast cancer patients fare just as well with an operation that removes the lump as they do by having the entire breast removed. By Gina Kolata. [New York Times: Health]
6:44:06 AM    

Risks of Hormone Therapy Exceed Benefits, Panel Says. A medical panel that helps set government policy has joined the growing ranks of experts registering doubts about the value of hormone replacement therapy. By Denise Grady. [New York Times: National]
6:43:46 AM    

This Is Your Brain on Magnets. Neurologists at the American Neurological Association convention compare notes on the best ways to view -- and figure out -- how the brain works. Michelle Delio reports from New York. [Wired News]
6:43:07 AM    

Taking a Risk for Science. Researchers are testing a treatment for multiple sclerosis that involves transplanting cells from the ankle into the brain. The procedure has been called 'extreme,' but doctors say the potential payoff is worth it. By Kristen Philipkoski. [Wired News]
6:42:42 AM    

Federal panel recommends smallpox vaccine for some hospital workers. Nando Times Oct 17 2002 5:46AM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
6:33:08 AM    

Limits urged on US medical workers' hours. UPI Oct 17 2002 1:18AM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
6:32:46 AM    

Teenage cigarette and drug use declines: 2001 survey. HeartCenterOnline Oct 16 2002 9:30PM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
6:32:25 AM    

Unknown. "Most people rust out due to lack of challenge. Few people rust out due to overuse." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
5:30:34 AM    

Agnes DeMille. "No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
5:29:45 AM    

  Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Allies' bombs target key defense facility, other sites in S. Iraq. WASHINGTON - A key target of U.S. and British bombing in Iraq in recent weeks has been an air base south of Baghdad that would be central to Saddam Hussein's defense against an American invasion. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
7:54:07 AM    

Homeland Security debate heats up again. WASHINGTON - Debate over the Department of Homeland Security, languishing while Congress focused on Iraq, returned to a boil on Tuesday as the White House and Senate Democrats exchanged criticism over the stalemate's cause. The intensity of the accusations reflected the issue's increasingly prominent role in congressional races. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
7:53:53 AM    

Molly Ivins: Trashing Jimmy Carter the height of poor taste. For those interested in high points in the history of Bad Manners, there was rather a breathtaking moment last week when columnist and television pundit Bob Novak chose to use the occasion of Jimmy Carter's winning the Nobel Peace Prize to trash the man. [Arizona Daily Star: Opinion]
7:53:33 AM    

Ratings elicit range of emotions. Schools begin the challenge today of overcoming the obstacles that have resulted in most performing at acceptable levels but not improving. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
7:53:13 AM    

Schools data could impact home prices. Neighborhoods that surround "underperforming" schools could find themselves tarnished by the Arizona Department of Education's achievement profiles issued Tuesday. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
7:53:01 AM    

Ernesto Portillo Jr.: School blamed for failing to keep up in unequal field. Menlo Park Elementary School was tagged Tuesday. It wasn't scarred with graffiti. It was hit with something uglier. [Arizona Daily Star: Tucson/Metro]
7:52:46 AM    

Study: Home work is good for you. ZDNet Oct 15 2002 8:11AM ET [Moreover - ZDNet]
7:52:26 AM    

Chief justice sees gold mine in unpaid fines. PHOENIX - Facing a request to cut spending by 10 percent, the chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court has come up with a plan to raise more money for the state by tracking down more scofflaws who ignore court fines. [Arizona Daily Star: Arizona West]
7:51:36 AM    

2002 Courage in Student Journalism Awards announced. Freedom Forum Online Oct 15 2002 9:46AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:51:09 AM    

One killed in Soyuz launch failure. The explosion of a Soyuz rocket Tuesday night from Plesetsk has killed one person and... []
7:49:55 AM    

Cell Phones More Than Just Talk. Americans are about to get a glimpse of the cell-phone revolution that already overtook Europe and Asia: color screens, sharing images, playing games and more. U.S. vendors flock to the CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas this week, hoping to cash in. By Elisa Batista. [Wired News]
7:49:25 AM    

AOL Says It Will Eliminate Some of Its Pop-Up Ads. AOL Time Warner said that its AOL service would eliminate pop-up advertisements for other companies as it sought to revive the allegiance of its members. By David D. Kirkpatrick. [New York Times: Technology]
7:48:52 AM    

Mac Toters Push Wireless Bounds. Apple's Titanium PowerBook costs more than other Macintosh laptops, but its built-in wireless card isn't up to snuff. For Bay Area Wi-Fi hackers, however, it's not a problem -- it's a project. By Paul Boutin. [Wired News]
7:48:31 AM    

Microsoft sets its limits on support. ZDNet Oct 16 2002 6:42AM ET [Moreover - ZDNet]
7:48:08 AM    

The Importance Of Being Backed Up : If you have valuable files that are costly or time-consuming to recreate, don't take any chances. Make multiple backups. (Gannett News Service via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]
7:47:53 AM    

Mac Rocks! But Apple Ads Oversimplify Switch : Switching to an entirely different OS requires a more sophisticated advertising than expressing a yearning for a simpler way to get pictures out of a digital camera. (Chicago Sun-Times via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]
7:47:39 AM    

Medicare cuts called threat to care. With Medicare scheduled to cut billions of dollars from doctors' payments, a group representing physicians is urging Congress to restore the money before elderly patients have trouble finding doctors. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
7:45:43 AM    

Research skewers cancer myth. WASHINGTON - A new study, prompted by an urban myth spread on the Internet, shows there is no evidence that antiperspirants or deodorants can cause breast cancer. [Arizona Daily Star: Washington]
7:45:18 AM    

Prostate cancer blood test study could banish unneeded biopsies. WASHINGTON - A test that can detect ovarian cancer using a single drop of blood can also catch prostate cancer, potentially saving many men the embarrassment and discomfort of a biopsy, researchers said Tuesday. [Arizona Daily Star: Washington]
7:44:54 AM    

New blood pressure guidelines stress diet, exercise [Reuters Health eLine]
7:44:29 AM    

Panel backs CDC's anthrax vaccine study plans [Reuters Health eLine]
7:44:13 AM    

ACE-Inhibitors May Improve Exercise Capacity In Congestive Heart Failure. Doctors Guide Oct 16 2002 7:31AM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
7:43:45 AM    

Reporter leading a 'normal life' after transplant. Hold The Front Page Oct 15 2002 8:11AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:43:15 AM    

House passes Kolbe's bill for border student visa. WASHINGTON - Mexicans and Canadians who commute across the border to attend U.S. colleges would gain a new student visa status under legislation approved Tuesday by the House. [Arizona Daily Star: Arizona West]
7:41:00 AM    

Rail-car deaths probably slow, painful. DES MOINES, Iowa - Eleven suspected illegal immigrants whose badly decomposed bodies were found in a locked railroad car probably died slowly and painfully from severe overheating or asphyxiation, authorities said Tuesday. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
7:40:19 AM    

Mexico's Defense Minister Denies Reports of Torture. VOA Oct 16 2002 5:17AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:39:55 AM    

Mexican Prosecutor Opens Probe of Fox Campaign Finances. VOA Oct 16 2002 1:19AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:39:33 AM    

Mexican anti-drug troops held after testing positive. Independent Oct 15 2002 7:38PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:39:15 AM    

A Ball in the Hand Is Worth a Lot to the Lawyers. Behind the San Francisco Giants' appearance in the World Series is an unhappy sideshow in a downtown courtroom over a notable and very valuable baseball. By Dean E. Murphy. [New York Times: National]
7:38:23 AM    

Marcus Valerius Martialis. "Conceal a flaw, and the world will imagine the worst." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
7:34:53 AM    

Demosthenes. "Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid war you obtain a master." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
7:34:20 AM    

Bethania McKenstry. "I'm not sure I want popular opinion on my side -- I've noticed those with the most opinions often have the fewest facts." [Quotes of the Day]
7:32:01 AM    

John Gunther. "Count Hermann Keyserling once said truly that the greatest American superstition was belief in facts." [Quotes of the Day]
7:31:01 AM    

  Tuesday, October 15, 2002

William Safire: Shooter gives ideas to al-Qaida. In the endless media psychoanalysis and police profiling of the random murderer striking fear near the nation's capital, one possibility is rarely mentioned: [Arizona Daily Star: Opinion]
5:35:20 AM    

'Osama' note asserts al-Qaida's alive. The statement, which was faxed to the Al-Jazeera network and posted on an Islamic Web site, appeared to have been written on a computer, using an Arabic font that looks like handwriting. The signature at the bottom is similar to bin Laden's distinctive style, with a loop at the end. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:35:05 AM    

Bush says al-Qaida apparently behind Bali blast. WATERFORD, Mich. - President Bush said Monday that the bombing on the Indonesian island of Bali appeared to be the work of al-Qaida and that the attack was part of a pattern that included recent attacks in Kuwait and Yemen. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:34:49 AM    

Maureen Dowd: Bush's push for attack subject to interpretation. Washington has always been a place where people say the opposite of what they mean. But last week, the capital soared to ominous new Orwellian heights. [Arizona Daily Star: Opinion]
5:34:22 AM    

The Iraq debate. The Iraq debate - if that was what it was - has been one of the strangest public discussions. Never, one suspects, has the expression "weapons of mass destruction" been invoked so often. We have lost track of how many times hawks allegedly have made the case for a war against Iraq and doves have asserted that the alleged case was just so much hogwash. [Arizona Daily Star: Opinion]
5:34:09 AM    

At the U.N., it's all about the money. High ideals? Lofty rhetoric? As the Security Council debates the Bush campaign against Iraq, billions of dollars in oil and old debt are the hidden agenda. []
5:33:40 AM    

Cheney to Investigators: Keep Out. Newsweek Oct 15 2002 1:16AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:32:54 AM    

26 local schools fall short, state says. Twenty-six local schools are not up to state standards and have been labeled "underperforming" by the Arizona Department of Education. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:31:46 AM    

Bad review is the first step up. Hearing that your best efforts are not working and your school is not good enough is an extremely painful but necessary step to improving, according to educators who have been through the process. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
5:31:19 AM    

New Law Is News to Many. WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 Nearly half the parents of children attending schools in poor urban areas have never heard of No Child Left Behind, the federal education law, a new survey has found. By Diana Jean Schemo. [New York Times: National]
5:30:53 AM    

Law Overhauling School Standards Seen as Skirted. Less than a year after passage of the law that promised a new era of accountability in public education, officials are taking steps to weaken it. By Diana Jean Schemo. [New York Times: National]
5:30:35 AM    

Patterns: Linking Airplanes to Test Scores. After Munich moved its airport in 1992, scores on reading and memory tests went up near the old airport and down near the new one. By John O'neil. [New York Times: Health]
5:29:59 AM    

Microsoft Pulls Ad After Net Faux Pas : Who was that mysterious Windows user? Red-faced executives at Microsoft Corp. on Monday pulled a breezy advertisement purportedly by a free-lance writer who switched to using Windows software from the rival Macintosh, amid questions about whether the woman actually exists. (Associated Press via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]
5:27:37 AM    

Is 'Dell Dude' Steven Done For?. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dude, are you getting a pink slip?. By Reuters. [New York Times: Technology]
5:27:15 AM    

Hard drives: The new VHS tape. As digital content grows in popularity, consumer-electronics makers are tuning in to hard drives as inexpensive storage devices. [CNET]
5:26:53 AM    

Dot-Org Gets a New, Well, Org. The fifth most popular domain on the Internet gets reassigned from VeriSign to a new group in a development hailed by ICANN members and observers. By Steve Kettmann. [Wired News]
5:26:05 AM    

GPS: Keeping Cons Out of Jail. A satellite-based monitoring system that uses current crime data is being used to track those on parole and probation, and the ACLU even thinks it's a good idea. By Julia Scheeres. [Wired News]
5:25:43 AM    

Funding crisis threatens SETI@home. ZDNet Oct 15 2002 4:26AM ET [Moreover - ZDNet]
5:25:06 AM    

Project hopes to increase battery life for future laptops [MacCentral]
5:24:49 AM    

Big Question About Smallpox: What if . . . ?. The greatest concern of public health experts is that vaccinated people may inadvertently infect others. By Denise Grady. [New York Times: Health]
5:23:46 AM    

Duct Tape Guys knew it, study confirms: It does remove warts. CHICAGO - Duct tape, the all-purpose household fix-it with hundreds of uses, can also remove warts. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
5:23:31 AM    

Q-10 compound may slow Parkinson's. CHICAGO - A small but promising study found that an over-the-counter dietary supplement may slow the progression of Parkinson's disease. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
5:23:13 AM    

Stung by Courts, F.D.A. Rethinks Its Rules. The agency has lost several cases in which the courts have taken issue with its restrictions. By Gina Kolata. [New York Times: Health]
5:21:41 AM    

FDA Forces Fatal Chemo on Kids. U.S. law puts the Food and Drug Administration in charge of making sure parents seek approved treatment for their children's cancer. But for one couple, that treatment effectively killed their little boy. By Kristen Philipkoski. [Wired News]
5:21:17 AM    

Officials Battle To Stop Rapid Spread of AIDS Among US Hispanics. VOA Oct 15 2002 4:33AM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
5:20:19 AM    

Of two cholesterol ratios, one shown to be better heart disease predictor. HeartCenterOnline Oct 15 2002 0:43AM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
5:20:03 AM    

Study: Redheads harder to anesthetize. WASHINGTON - The genetic quirk that makes hair red may also make carrot-tops harder to knock out - in the operating room, that is. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
5:19:36 AM    

Care-home neglect is often fatal, report says. ST. LOUIS - A review of government documents and court records indicates hundreds of elderly patients in nursing homes are dying from neglect, according to a newspaper report. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
5:19:15 AM    

With West Nile, Few Are Banking Their Blood. The discovery that West Nile virus can be transmitted by donated blood has not radically changed the behavior of people who expect to need transfusions. By Donald G. Mcneil Jr.. [New York Times: Health]
5:18:49 AM    

Doctor and Patient Wage Tug of War on Antibiotics. As flu season approaches, doctors and patients are gearing up for the annual battle, when miserable patients demand antibiotics. By Laurie Tarkan. [New York Times: Health]
5:18:30 AM    

Treating high blood pressure may stave off dementia [Reuters Health eLine]
5:18:13 AM    

Mexican soldiers allegedly tortured. MEXICO CITY - About 600 Mexican soldiers have been detained for 11 days and tortured during an investigation into alleged links to drug traffickers, a human-rights group alleged Monday. [Arizona Daily Star: World]
5:15:24 AM    

EPA, Mexico offering plan for borderlands. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its Mexican counterpart are scheduled to present a new plan tonight for improving environmental conditions in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. [Arizona Daily Star: Tucson/Metro]
5:15:03 AM    

Eleven decomposing bodies found in a railroad car in Iowa several months after leaving Mexico. AP via New Jersey Online Oct 15 2002 4:51AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:14:33 AM    

Brown-Forman names Bacardi as Mexico distributor. iWon Oct 14 2002 10:36AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
5:13:28 AM    

Kahlil Gibran. "Say not, 'I have found the truth,' but rather, 'I have found a truth.'" [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
5:12:17 AM    

Ralph W. Sockman. "Be careful that victories do not carry the seed of future defeats." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
5:11:55 AM    

  Monday, October 14, 2002

When a Terror Threat Is Real. Detailed military training exercises asks what to do when the government knows for sure that terrorists are going strike. The goal is to improve crisis response in days before an incident. By Noah Shachtman. [Wired News]
7:48:32 AM    

Why U.S. Intelligence Agencies Cant Get Along. Newsweek Oct 13 2002 1:13AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:48:17 AM    

Clampdown fuels hardship. "My assessment is that the army will be here for a long time," said Aloul. "There are no signs they are ready to retreat." [Arizona Daily Star: World]
7:48:04 AM    

White House Keeps a Grip on Its News. White House journalists say they cannot remember a White House that was more grudging or less forthcoming in informing the press. By Jim Rutenberg. [New York Times: National]
7:47:35 AM    

They Serve the President by Always Staying a Few Steps Ahead of Him. Underneath the president's political trips is an elaborate infrastructure. By Elisabeth Bumiller. [New York Times: National]
7:47:23 AM    

IBM Promises Muscle for the Mac. Big Blue announces a processor to power a new line of Macintosh computers. The chip is designed to put Macs neck-and-neck with Intel's Pentium line -- and even start new 'computing wars.' By Robert McMillan. [Wired News]
7:46:22 AM    

MLB site draws online crowd. ZDNet Oct 14 2002 8:12AM ET [Moreover - ZDNet]
7:46:08 AM    

Linux-based TMTA tablet PC for $600?. How can you refuse, even if it is a close-out sale? [The Register]
7:45:36 AM    

Toshiba debuts Bluetooth hard drive for PDAs. Oct 14 2002 5:44AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:45:04 AM    

Clash of Internet Privacy Policies. The privacy features of the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser are creating unintended consequences. By Bob Tedeschi. [New York Times: Technology]
7:44:34 AM    

MSN 8 blitz aims to steal AOL's thunder. Microsoft kicks off $300 million marketing campaign [InfoWorld: Top News]
7:44:20 AM    

New software aims to breathe life into AOL. AOL 8.0 boasts more than 100 new features [InfoWorld: Top News]
7:44:00 AM    

AOL 'trial' discs: debris or delight?. DURHAM, N.C. - Dani L. Funk lost her "babies" a couple of months ago in a recycling bin near her home. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
7:43:47 AM to Offer Fast Clips. plans to introduce a free video-clip service to high-speed Internet users in the next few weeks. By Saul Hansell. [New York Times: Technology]
7:43:20 AM    

Mary Kamerzell and John Pedicone: New labels' impact will be far-reaching. On Tuesday, the state of Arizona will attach a label, or classification, to each of its public schools. These labels are part of the state's school accountability system called AZ LEARNS. [Arizona Daily Star: Opinion]
7:42:52 AM    

A Lesson in Unintended Consequences. Ocean Hill-Brownsville was where the idea of decentralized schools first took hold. What a textbook tragedy. By James Traub. [New York Times: Education]
7:42:29 AM    

Roll-Your-Owns Cut Taxes. As state and local governments pile new taxes on manufactured cigarettes, an increasing number of people are rolling their own. By Iver Peterson. [New York Times: Health]
7:40:12 AM    

Auditors find U.S. books off by billions. WASHINGTON - Year after year, auditors studying the financial records of federal government departments find many of them so disorganized, even chaotic, that the agencies cannot account for tens of billions of dollars. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
7:39:51 AM    

Site for the Truly Geeky Makes a Few Bucks. Could Slashdot, the online publication with millions of techie followers, be the 21st-century model for Internet publishing? By John Schwartz. [New York Times: National]
7:39:29 AM    

Early Voting Puts Many Candidates in Early Overdrive. This year, more than 15 percent of the vote might be cast before Election Day, a fact that is altering the fundamental rhythm of political campaigns. By Adam Nagourney. [New York Times: National]
7:39:06 AM    

States Forfeit Unspent U.S. Money for Child Health Insurance. Large amounts of federal money intended to provide health insurance to children are going unused, federal officials say. By Robert Pear. [New York Times: National]
7:38:49 AM    

For the Homeless, a Haven Becomes Less Sure. Santa Monica, Calif., has long been known for its kindness to the dispossessed. But cracks are appearing in its tolerance. By Nick Madigan. [New York Times: National]
7:38:15 AM    

Publishers At Odds Over Seattle JOA's Right To Die. If The Seattle Times tries to end its joint operating agreement with the rival Seattle Post-Intelligencer, as Times executives say they are considering, the Times might find itself in a battle with the P-I's owner, which contends there is no basis to kill the JOA. [Editor & Publisher - Daily Headlines]
7:36:18 AM    

Copyright law open for comment. ZDNet Oct 14 2002 7:37AM ET [Moreover - ZDNet]
7:35:54 AM    

An Uphill Battle in Copyright Case. Last week, a law extended copyrights for 20 years. A loose coalition opposed to the law says that people don't understand the relevance of copyrights to their lives. By Amy Harmon. [New York Times: Technology]
7:35:18 AM    

Debate on Intellectual Property. The intellectual property debate is taking a page from 19th-century America. By Steve Lohr. [New York Times: Technology]
7:34:56 AM    

Library lends a helping hand. As business librarian at the Tucson-Pima Public Library, Tom Farmer's mission is to give business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs the tools to develop winning strategies. [Arizona Daily Star: Business]
7:34:39 AM    

Your Call. Everybody's Business.. It's becoming increasingly common to overhear phone conversations in public that were once considered private. So why stave off the inevitable? We need to tear down the last vestiges of decorum. By Matt Richtel. [New York Times: Technology]
7:34:13 AM    

Our Just (Burp!) Desserts. Say what you want about the impact of high-fat diets and lack of exercise, but the basic facts remain: Americans eat too much, and they're not doing much about it. By Henry Fountain. [New York Times: Health]
7:30:59 AM    

Scientists using Nasa satellites to combat West Nile virus. Ananova Oct 14 2002 6:15AM ET [Moreover - NASA news]
7:30:26 AM    

Report: US communications satellite vulnerable to hacking. Commercial communications satellites used by the US government could be disabled or otherwise compromised because... []
6:54:05 AM    

Cosmonaut added to Soyuz taxi flight. Russian officials confirmed Friday that a cosmonaut has been added to a Soyuz taxi flight... []
6:53:35 AM    

Firm Moves Closer To Commercial Zero-Gravity Flights []
6:52:47 AM    

Black Hole Hunter: High-Energy Integral Telescope Set to Launch []
6:52:32 AM    

Alzheimer's hope revived. WASHINGTON - Modifications to an experimental vaccine for Alzheimer's disease that was discontinued because of side effects might make it safe, a study suggests. [Arizona Daily Star: Nation]
6:52:06 AM    

Fish oil may 'partially' reduce cholesterol in diabetes patients. Nutra Ingredients Oct 12 2002 8:44PM ET [Moreover - Diabetes news]
6:51:02 AM    

Modified Alzheimer's vaccine may be safe. CNN Oct 13 2002 2:27PM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
6:50:43 AM    

A Scientist Who Spent 60 Years With Flu. Newsday Oct 13 2002 1:29AM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
6:50:23 AM    

Abnormal heart-rate recovery after exercise. Lancet Oct 12 2002 10:34PM ET [Moreover - Medical news]
6:49:50 AM    

Border schools weed out nonresidents. NOGALES, Ariz. - School districts on the Arizona-Mexico line are trying to break a borderland tradition by keeping students who live in Mexico from attending Arizona public schools. [Arizona Daily Star: Front Page]
6:47:55 AM    

Drug Interception Battle on Mexico-Arizona Border Never Stops. VOA Oct 14 2002 4:33AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:46:48 AM    

A new twist in Mexico pyramid saga. MSNBC Oct 13 2002 7:03PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:46:26 AM    

Mexico Struggles for the Attentions of a Preoccupied U.S. New York Times Oct 12 2002 6:14PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:45:51 AM    

Pepsi confronts Coke in Mexico. Oct 12 2002 1:09PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:45:33 AM    

Indians protest Columbus Day across Mexico, Central America. AP via New Jersey Online Oct 12 2002 10:45PM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
6:45:14 AM    

Pablo Picasso. "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
6:41:12 AM    

Howard Newton. "People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did it." [Motivational Quotes of the Day]
6:40:34 AM    

Euripides. "Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish." [Quotes of the Day]
6:39:10 AM    

Tom Robbins. "If little else, the brain is an educational toy." [Quotes of the Day]
6:38:47 AM    

Bradley's Bromide. "If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee -- that will do them in." [Quotes of the Day]
6:38:07 AM    

  Sunday, October 13, 2002

White House Debate on Smallpox Slows Plan for Wide Vaccination. Critical decisions in the nation's program against germ terrorism have been delayed for months by confusion in the administration over how to move forward. By William J. Broad. [New York Times: National]
7:17:01 AM    

G.O.P. Candidate's Antiwar Vote Proves Popular. Representative Jim Leach of Iowa was one of just six Republicans in the House to vote against President Bush on Iraq. By Robin Toner. [New York Times: National]
7:16:44 AM    

Slowdown on U.S. Visas Stalls Business, Science and Personal Travel Plans. A global slowdown in the issuing of American visas to foreigners is forcing some people to postpone medical treatment and weddings and stranding others away from their homelands. By Christopher Marquis. [New York Times: National]
7:16:24 AM    

Clergy May Be Kept Off Juries, Court Rules. A Florida appeals court has ruled that clergy members may be excluded from juries because they tend to be too sympathetic to criminal defendants. By Adam Liptak. [New York Times: National]
7:16:03 AM    

Schools work to curb violence. School staffs are building rapport with their students in an effort to reduce campus violence, which state documents indicate is most prevalent at the middle-school level. [Arizona Daily Star: Tucson/Metro]
7:15:01 AM    

Health Food Fails Test at School in Berkeley. A program that offered fresh, nutritious, locally grown food at a high school in Berkeley, Calif., as an experiment failed, and officials are trying to figure out what went wrong. By Patricia Leigh Brown. [New York Times: National]
7:14:43 AM    

Polygamy Jolts Campaign for Governor. Dick Mahoney, an independent candidate in Arizona, has used the issue of polygamy to attack his opponents. By Michael Janofsky. [New York Times: National]
7:14:16 AM    

Colo. national park in middle of new Western water policy. WASHINGTON - The Bush administration has opened the way for Western states to gain control over enormous volumes of water previously claimed by the federal government. That would shift the balance in a long battle over control of a scarce resource. [Arizona Daily Star: Arizona West]
7:13:44 AM    

Confronting `NOO-kyuh-luhr' Proliferation. Of the many language controversies that arouse passions, no other seems to bother people as much as the word "nuclear" pronounced "NOO-kyuh-luhr." By Jesse Sheidlower. [New York Times: National]
7:13:19 AM    

N-war was very close in '62, say documents. HAVANA - Key actors in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis meeting here Saturday have learned that fast-moving events 40 years ago nearly spun out of control and brought them closer to nuclear disaster than they ever imagined. [Arizona Daily Star: World]
7:12:58 AM    

New strategy cuts Sonoran human-smuggling. ALTAR, Sonora - Eunice Cabrera Dominguez's daughter insists her mother is an honest businesswoman who did nothing more than run a store and rent rooms to travelers. [Arizona Daily Star: World]
7:12:07 AM    

Mexico prosecuting 'Beautykiller'. GUADALAJARA, Mexico - The schoolteacher said she wanted smaller breasts and was overjoyed when a highly recommended plastic surgeon told her that instead of surgery, a few injections would slim her down. [Arizona Daily Star: World]
7:11:46 AM    

News Corp. sees signsof an advertising rebound. MSNBC Oct 9 2002 7:58AM ET [Moreover - moreover...]
7:11:22 AM    

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