Samstag, 29. März 2003

Steve and Clemens all over Europe.

This going to be great fun! I will be doing a speaking tour with my friend Steve Swartz (who was/is the architect of most of the new things in Windows Server 2003's COM+ 1.5). The topic is scalable application architectures and we have given it the unmarketable title "Scale, extend, stay running and don't forget to lock the door".

It's 7 cities (Warsaw, Bukarest, Moscow, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Lisbon) in two weeks. The party starts April 22 in Warsaw. At most Microsoft subsidiaries the event will unfortunately be "invite only" due to organizational (space) constraints, but at least in Denmark, everyone can apparently sign up.

Expect us talking, discussing, agreeing and disagreeing about layers, tiers, process models, transactions, patterns, anti-patterns, security, Enterprise Services and other interesting things and expect the one or the other hint at the future of Web Services....

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Dear W2K, dear WXP. Thanks. You both served me well. This week I will be switching to the next generation for good.

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AOP demo.

MS Finland put up a (long, 30min.) Windows Media 9 series stream of the demo that I did in my AOP talk over in Helsinki. And Matt Powell from MSDN is so nice to mention the things I demo there in his MSDN TV episode on SoapExtensionReflectors/Importers. My demo code is here.

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Reconsidering UDDI

For the record: I was wrong when I said this here. When I started to look into and think about service oriented architectures*, I understood the relevance of UDDI.

To cite Don (more than half a year ago): "If WSDL and UDDI were both hanging from a cliff and I could only save one of them, it would be UDDI."  And in case someone didn't notice, yet, I really, really want WSDL to go very near that cliff.

[*this is the most current deck for the SOA talk I do on the Microsoft EMEA Architect's Tour 2003. Check out slide 20 for an illustration of how WS-Routing, WS-Addressing, WS-Policy, message contracts and UDDI fit into a single picture]

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Messaging rules.

I haven't blogged or even read blogs for almost two weeks. Too much time on the road. Reading (UK), Zürich, Hannover, Bled (Slovenia), Amsterdam, Budapest. Next week it's Bad Ems and then it'll be Athens, Madrid and Milano in the following two weeks.

Anyways... I find it very interesting that more and more people are seeing the light in regards to the true potential of Web Services (could someone please drop the "Web" term from that?): Messaging. We're getting there ...

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