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Monday, December 4, 2006

Worldchanging in San Francisco
Two events this week in San Francisco in connection with WorldChanging - A User's Guide for the 21st Century -- the 600 page or so extension of the exceptional WorldChanging.com web site. (Disclosure: I'm a contributing author to both site and book.)

You're invited to both:

- book party Tuesday, Dec 5, 6pm, at 111 Minna

- authors' panel Thursday Dec 7, 530pm, at the Commonwealth Club. The panel includes:

Jeremy Faludi, Editor, WorldChanging.com Joel Makower, Founder/Executive Editor, GreenBiz.com Mike Millikin, Editor, Green Car Congress Sarah Rich, Managing Editor,WorldChanging.com Cameron Sinclair, Co-founder/Executive Director, Architecture for Humanity Alex Steffen, Executive Editor, WorldChanging.com
I'll be moderating. (A rare chance, so they say, to see me being moderate!)

This event is sure to sell out, so if you're interested, get your tickets in advance.

Please join us. (And buy the book ;-)

(PS: It's an interesting week or two for these themes at the Commonwealth Club. Amory Lovins tonight, on Winning the Oil Endgame, and Aron Cramer, President and CEO of Business for Social Responsibility, next Monday on New Business Strategies for a Sustainable Future.)
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